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Plast Team focuses on performing and enhancing its efforts relating to the Groups corporate ethical, social and environmental responsibility. Our main track-program and activities are carried out within:

  • Supplier management
  • Food safety
  • Employee- and working environment.

In addition, several comprehensive test programs, unannounced audits, documentation of rawmaterial, REACH to mention a few – ensures meeting all EU standards – whereas all details and test results can be made available on request.



Plast Team is a large operation, shipping more than 200.000 products, or 500 pallets from our European warehouse per day, therefore even small improvements have a positive impact on our CSR footprint. We have just collected a few more daily examples of such improvements:

  • Producing household plastic in central Europe rather than far East reduces transportation requirements thus reducing the environmental impact. European machinery traditionally uses 15% less power than Far East machinery.
  • All production samples from our machines, are returned to our factories, and recycled into re-granulate that we use for i.e. production of Garden Boxes.
  • All collection samples and other overstock from our offices are given to charity.
  • We moved our European warehouse to a more central location – both closer to our production sites, but also within shorter distance to main European roads. This has reduced our general transport with more than 800.000 kilometers per year.
  • Plast Team operates with an efficiency rate of 99,9 % full trucks – hardly ever driving empty trucks. This is possible as we have a very large production run, and in combination with smaller customers/shipments with flexible delivery dates we succeed in filling up the trucks. Using well-known international partners for our exports, assures that the trucks never returns empty, but continues onward to a next stop close by.
  • Minimising the weight of our packaging in order to reduce the impact on the environment, we have reduced the number of cartons to carry our assortment from 250 to 45.
  • Our Woodland series that replaces 30 % of raw material with wood compound, which is a remnant from the forest production industry.
  • All our products are tested beyond European Standards to assure a high quality and so the end-consumer can feel secure and without risk when purchasing a Plast Team product.
  • For Plast Team all employees are a valuable ressource. Therefore, high attention is paid to their well-being by supporting development both on a team level as well as on an individual level. This is followed closely through job satisfaction survey and staff development interviews.