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Seoul Laundry & Linen

With our Seoul laundry and linen baskets, we have expanded the success of our Seoul basket series to the laundry category. Here, we have introduced a new series of stylish and practical laundry assortment. A laundry basket is an indispensable thing for the home, so why not make sure it has a look that makes you want to display it.

Like our Seoul baskets and organizers, the Diamond-shaped holes give the laundry baskets a modern look, without revealing the contents of the basket. It brings a modern, elegant and nordic look to the laundry baskets, which makes the series suitable for being displayed in any room of the household. If you already have our Seoul baskets and organizers series at home, this laundry section will only compliment the entire series.

Besides the linen basket, the laundry baskets come in 2 variations; a corner basket and an oval basket. The available colours are; white, faded denim and tradewinds Grey.

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