Where can I buy Plast Team products?

Plast Team products are found at most main European retailer. If you have questions to a specific product you are welcome to contact us here for more info.

Can I buy Plast Team products online?

Unfortunately, we do not sell directly to consumers via this website. However, Plast Team products are found at most main European retailer, and many have their own e-shop where you often will find Plast Team products.

How can I be a retailer?

Please refer to our contact page here to find the right sales team member or send your request via info@plast-team.com where we will guide you further on.


Can I avoid stains?

Strong coloured food, often tomato, carrot or oil based ingredients, can stain any food container. However, it is completely harmless and it is safe to use your product over and over again. The easiest way to avoid stains is to wash your product in warm soap water immediately after use.

Are all products dishwasher safe?

A large range of Plast Team products are dishwasher safe. Look for the specific product details in our catalogue or look for the dishwasher symbol in the bottom of the product. We recommend that you place the products in the top shelf in the dishwasher as washing here is less rough and prolong lifetime. Dry food storage are generally produced from material not recommended for dishwashing, and needs hand washing for optimal cleaning.“

How do I clean my Plast Team products?

Wash all parts thoroughly in warm soap water and rinse in clean water, or use a dishwasher. To ensure no residual soap water is left, flush clean water through all parts after washing. We recommend fully drying the products before storing. It is recommended to wash all parts/products prior to first use.

Guarantee/replacement policy


Please share you rexperience with Plast Team products with us, and please be candid. You can write to us at info@plast-team.com – we appreciate any feedback, and will try to respond as soon as possible.


Some of our products are offered with year-long guarantees. This is clearly marked on the label. As an example, on our Top Store range, we offer 25 years of warranty if used for normal purpose. We guarantee that the box will hold what you can carry!



Removal of stickers can sometimes be difficult. A few times in the dishwasher or use of a hairdryer, will make the heated label will come off more easily.

Spare parts

We do not keep spare parts for our products. Our products are manufactured for frequent use and will last many years when treated correct. Should you experience any manufacturing defects, Please write us on info@plast-team.com and we will help you.


All Plast Team products can be recycled if correctly disposed. When properly disposed, old platic will be crushed into re-granulate plastic material and re-used. Plast Team use regranulates for manufacturing of selected items. It is not possible to produce items for food contact with regranulated materials


Food safety

Each item intended for use in contact with food, is separately approved according to EU regulations and re-tested every 2nd year. Even some of our larger series of boxes – like Basic box and Top Store series – are approved for contact with food. You will find the food approval symbol in the bottom of each of the products.

Plastic Smells

Occasionally, you might experience a slight smell of “plastic” with your newly purchased product. This is totally harmless and will disappear shortly after removing the wrapping, removing lid or by washing it. Even for immediate food contact, this is completely harmless.


In order to choose the right product, and making the best use of it, you find commonly used, and often legally required symbols in the bottom of each item.
You can find the list of used symbols here.


All Plast Team products do not contain phthalates or BPA and comply with the latest EU directives.