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Hamburg is a beautiful and stylish practical dry food canister series with hermetic silicone seal to ensure a tight closure of the lid. The canisters are practical and are made in a modern and minimalistic design with a small tap on the lid for easy removal.

The Hamburg series is available in 4 sizes ranging from 0,6 to 2,5 L, which makes the boxes perfect for storing in both cabinets and on kitchen counters.

This series is ideal for long-term storage of dry foods and ingredients, and is a better alternative to the original plastic bags that the food came in. The series is made for long-lasting use and you can therefore collect different sizes, so that you have a complete series.

With this Hamburg series, your dry food can suddenly look more appealing and organized. Say goodbye to oats and pasta all over the cabinet and unsealed bags that are unorganized and take up all of the space.

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