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This stylish dry food canister series gives you a classic and clear design perfect for the modern home. The clear design makes it possible both to see content from the side – which is optimal for cupboard storage – and from the top – drawer storage.

Stockholm canisters are stackable for optimal storage and a hermetic silicone brim in the lid ensures that food items stay fresh and dry. The food canisters come in 6 sizes ranging from 0,1 to 2,6 L. The smallest is perfect for storage of all types of spices.

Food storage comes in many different variations, and it all depends on how much and what kinds of food you want to store and keep fresh. Is it supposed to be kept out at room temperature or will it be stored in the freezer or refrigerator? A food canister is great for storing ingredients, dry food and counter top food. Instead of using one-time throw away plastic bags and containers, a food canister is an ideal replacement. Our Stockholm Food canister is built to last for many years.

Food canisters for an organized kitchen

Do you know what to look for, when buying food canisters?
It is important that you choose the right canister that fits your needs and kitchen. Not all canisters are good and some can feel cheap and fragile. Others can appear too big and clumsy and it feels like they take up all the space in the kitchen cabinet. However, a good canister can make a big and positive difference. You just need to find the right product.

Food canisters are not only practical for dry food storage, but they also make the food look appealing when being displayed on a shelf or when opening the kitchen cabinet. Instead of having several bags of oats and pasta laying around in the cabinet, which not only takes up space but also looks messy, food canisters on the other hand provide a very smart organizing system.

A beautiful kitchen is an organized kitchen, and with the Stockholm food canisters a new level of organization and style will be added to your kitchen. The Stockholm food canisters have a round shape, are completely see-through, easily stackable and provide an organized system. You can get our canisters in 6 different sizes and it is therefore easy to store different kinds of food and stack them on top of each other. They are perfect for your kitchen shelf, cabinet or pantry. The clean and Nordic design will supplement any interior space. The transparent lid and bottom are practical for identifying what is stored in the canisters. The lid has a silicone gasket to ensure an airtight seal, and the dry food such as pasta, rice, crackers and cereal will therefore stay fresh.

In order to keep a successful dry food supply at home, you will need good food canisters that protect the food from moisture and air exposure. Food canisters are ideal for storage of dry food on a long-term basis. Dry food include wheat, corn, rice, lentils, oats, pasta and many more. These kinds of food can easily last for many years when they are properly stored in the right room and temperature.

There are many ways to keep a kitchen cabinet or shelf organized, but a good way to begin is to store similar food together. For example, if you store your food canisters together that include biscuits, cookies and other snacks, you will always know where to find it, and it will give a better overview. The same applies to rice and pasta. Why not store it together in one place, so you always know when you are about to run out of rice? Our Stockholm food canisters are ideal for collecting different sizes of the canisters for all types of dry food. When you get rid of the opened bags and store the food in the most organized way, you will get a clean and systematic kitchen.

Avoid wasting food with food canisters

Food storage bags and food canisters are not only effective when it comes to having an organized kitchen or pantry, they also help prevent food waste. If you keep dried food in the original opened bag, then bugs and bacteria will easily enter the bag and the food will not stay fresh for a long time. Flour normally lasts longer than most foods, and it will stay more fresh and usable if it is stored in an airtight food canister than in the original bag. Also, uncooked pasta should not be kept in its original bag if you wish for it to last longer. When repacked in a food canister, the pasta will not be exposed to moisture and mustiness as it will likely be in the original packaging.

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