New survey – New Solution against Food Waste

A new cooperation between Plast Team and the Danish organization Stop Wasting Food are ready to launch a new app for free download in order to help reduce food waste. A Danish survey indicates that still we can improve our food waste in both private homes as well as in the food industry. The new app called BoxPointer generates an overview of the content saved in your food storage box. Our food storage range Airtight QR offers you the possibility to scan the QR code on the food storage lid. You will be able to have an overview in the app on what food you have stored, and an alarm will let you know prior expiration date and before it becomes food waste.

Get started. Free download of BoxPointer on the App Store and Google Play.

More information on Airtight QR product range here.

To get a copy of the survey made by Analyse Danmark ApS, October 2018, contact