Nuuk 3,6 L

Nuuk 3,6 L

Art No. 1601

Our new Nuuk fridge box makes it easier than ever to organize and tidy up the fridge. This series of elegant boxes is ideal for dividing different types of food and helps create an overview of the contents of your fridge.

The storage boxes come with a practical handle, making them easy to use and move around. ​The containers from this range are also great as organizers in your home office.

Nuuk is available in three different sizes making it possible to fit them in every different size of a fridge.​ Also, there is a choice between two different colors.

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Width: 240 mm

Height: 115 mm

Length: 170 mm

Volume: 3.6 Liter


Material: SAN/PPC​
Light and easy to handle​
Helps organize the fridge​
3 sizes​
2 colors

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