Product safety

europeEuropean production

The majority of Plast Team production takes place in Poland. This allows us to effectively reach European customers and with the proximity to central ports in Poland and Germany overseas customers are also effectively served. Using predominantly local suppliers and having a central warehouse in Poland, ensures shorter delivery times and higher flexibility, which is a great benefit to our customers.


raw materialsMaterials

95% of all Plast Team products are made in the most commonly used type of plastic: Thermoplastics. All Thermoplastic raw material used in Plast Team products are 100% virgin material which means that it can be re-cycled and reused for other production purposes. We use recycled raw material for products where molds and purpose allow it, e.g. it cannot be used for products for food purpose. We control all raw purchases to ensure consistency and quality control.



We use some of the most prestigious laboratories in Europe and ISO-certified production plants. All test results are avaliable upon request.



Food Safetyfood safety

We strictly follow regulations and guidelines across all our categories and maintain an ongoing program for testing of products intended to come in contact with food. All products intended for food and beverages are tested according to EU food safety standards and we have embossed the “glass & fork” symbol at all food approved products so that consumers can feel safe using a Plast Team product.