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This storage category includes all of our storage boxes and baskets, and you can find boxes in all kinds of sizes, colors and designs. A continuing element that is seen throughout our storage category is the touch of Danish Design. More specifically, our storage boxes all contain a minimalistic and timeless design, high-quality, unique features and functionality. Yet, each product fulfills a specific storage need and design taste.

In this storage category you will find the following product series: Probox, Probox recycle, Probox special, Akita, Basic box, Basic-shoe-box, Hobby boxes, Homebox bedroller, Homebox, K-box, Mini-baskets, Miscelleanous, Multi-boxes, Sanshui, Seoul organizers and baskets and Tag Store.

Plastic storage boxes for all needs

With the variety of Plast Team’s storage boxes, you will be sure to find a storage box that fits your needs and your interior style, as there are many different kinds of boxes and baskets to choose from. You can find simple, functional and classic storage boxes that can contain both small, medium and large items. If you have an interest in interior design and want a storage box or basket that has a more exclusive look, then you have also come to the right place.

All of our storage boxes are made from recyclable plastic. Additionally, some of our boxes are made from regrind plastic, and we have also introduced several storage series that are made from post-consumer recycled plastic material. So, if recycling means something to you and you care about where the product comes from, then you should take a look through our storage category and learn how the products were made.

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