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Probox is our premium organizing system developed with a vision of functionality, high quality and a clear Scandinavian design. The volume of the boxes ranges from 0,4L to 70L which makes Probox suitable for a wide range of storage needs.

All boxes are modular stackable for optimal space-saving storage and the recess and furrows in the lid prevents the boxes from shifting when stacked. The boxes are translucent and the lids are easily clicked on by two wide and strong grey clips.

With the ProBox storage box, you can easily sort your personal belongings such as smaller items like accessories and office supplies as well as larger items like books, blankets and kitchen utilities. The Probox series is food approved and can be used for storage of almost anything. The transparent plastic makes it easy to see through the box, and the grey clips give a beautiful contrast to the clear material. Besides the simple and clean design, the clips secure that the lid is tightly closed to the bottom.

It is easy to nest the Proboxes inside each other. Additionally, a QR tag comes along with the boxes, and can easily be clicked on to the box. You can scan the QR code, which is compatible with the Boxpointer app, and then you are able to keep track of all of your storage boxes. So, when you need to find your winter clothes and do not remember which one of the boxes you have used, or if you forgot where you have placed the box, then the App will help you.

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