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Seoul Basket

Seoul is our high-quality range of both small and large storage baskets. The range offers convenient storage in a contemporary Scandinavian design – perfect for every room in the household.

The baskets are available in 4 sizes including small, medium, large, and extra-large. The baskets can be used for storing office supplies, sheets, towels, and toys in the children’s room. Whether you need small or large storage baskets or even both, the variety of sizes makes it possible to store all kinds of things around the household while keeping the same design. The large storage baskets are especially perfect for office storage, living room and bedroom storage. It will keep your items neat and tidy. So, if you are looking for optimal storage solutions, this is the perfect product to buy.

Storage baskets with a stylish design

Storing your items in the household does not have to be practical and boring. If you are just a little bit interested in interior design and if you are looking for solutions that are both price friendly and with a beautiful design, you have come to the right place. Our overall selection of small, medium and large storage baskets is very different, but the Seoul storage baskets offer something unique, as the design is very different from other average plastic boxes and has a more high-end look. You can easily mix and match this product range together with more expensive design furniture and shelves, as it adds a refreshing and stylish look. However, this storage basket series is characterized by the way it suits any room, style, and budget, and it will therefore complement any room.

The design of the storage baskets consists of diamond-shaped holes, which gives it a modern feeling and semi see-through feature. Whether you are a fan of collecting everything or if you are a ‘throw and go’ person, small storage baskets are a must-have when organizing and storing your belongings and large storage baskets are crucial for storing larger items e.g. paper, books and toys. Even a large storage basket gives the room a tidy look and is space-saving.

It is also possible to choose between different colors of Seoul storage baskets. Our standard colors are pink, blue, grey, and white which makes the series perfect for all rooms, whether you want a pink large storage basket in a girl’s room for storing toys or a more neutral color in the living room. By having Seoul baskets in several rooms  brings a synergy to the home. If you are looking to shop for a stylish and smart storage solution, the Seoul basket is a good choice. If your child does not want to have a typical gender-defined color in the room, we have more neutral colors that will match any children’s room, namely the grey and white Seoul storage basket. The white color adds simplicity to the room and is a perfect choice if the rest of the room is more colorful. If you are all into a minimalistic white-on-white style, then the white storage basket is again the optimal pick. If your room is not necessarily colorful or if you simply want a more neutral down-to-earth color that fits into all kinds of interiors, then our Tradewinds dark grey and/or post-consumer light grey are the perfect storage baskets.

Our large storage baskets can contain a lot of things, making them perfect for storing and organizing larger items. If you are looking for storage solutions for smaller items, we recommend our Seoul organizer series.

Post-consumer recycled storage baskets

In addition to our 4 standard colors, we have introduced 2 new colors that are made from post-consumer recycled plastic. The available colors are post-consumer recycled black and light grey.

The Seoul storage baskets are made from post-consumer recycled plastic, meaning that the storage baskets are made from plastic which has been collected from households and gone through a process where it is eventually turned into a high-quality product. Why not teach your kids that their large storage baskets in the playroom are made from household plastic, and thereby introduce them to good recycle habits?

With Seoul storage baskets you can organize everything in your home in an elegant and smart way. These small, medium and large storage baskets are designed to add an appealing and tidy look to any room and contribute with a convenient way to store your everyday items.

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