At Plast Team, we care about a sustainable environment.:

Today, many people are still not aware of the fact that producing plastic can be less damaging to produce than most other comparable products. Instead, plastic is often thought of as being one single and damaging material. In fact, plastic often contributes to the increase of resource efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions and is essential to many new ecofriendly innovations. It has even been projected that if alternative materials would replace the packaging used today, our society would experience twice as much energy consumption.

Therefore, as a leading manufacturer of plastic home products, we believe it is our duty to take on a prominent role and responsibility when it comes to contributing to a sustainable society. We have already produced smarter product designs that promote recycling and reuse, including new products made from regrind plastics and post-consumer recycling material. We also believe it is important to educate and promote about recycling and reduction of waste.

As a result, we are now introducing new symbols for sustainable solutions, to make it easier for consumers to make an informed decision on what they want to buy.

Recyclable products


Plastic is a part of the solution to future resource challenges, as the properties of the materials are easy to recycle, making it an essential material that can help reduce high rates of plastic pollution, conserve resources and thereby eliminate waste.
With this recyclable symbol, we stress that Plast Team continues to introduce products that are produced in pure plastic, which makes it possible for the product to be reused once its lifetime is over.


This symbol illustrates the process of regrinding, which has been used to develop some of our product series. Regrind plastic can be defined as having been processed at least once before. During injection molding, some plastic materials are left behind and instead of wasting it, the materials are collected and sent back to the grinder.
This way, it will be re-introduced when making new products. Due to the sorting and regrinding process, the color of the products is black, but the products come in the same high quality.
At Plast Team, we are proud of these products that are a result of a process, which reduces the pressure on natural resources.



This year, we have continued our aim to make a difference with every new product, and we are therefore proud to announce our first product lines made from post-consumer recycled plastic.
A product that has been produced by post-consumer recycled plastic is, as the symbol illustrates, waste that has been used by a consumer, thrown out and diverted from landfills. More specifically, once a product’s lifetime is over, it is collected and then gathered and sorted into the correct type of plastic, followed by the process of being chopped, washed, and dried into plastic grind and finally being reused in the production of high quality products.
Our post-consumer products are great examples showing that it is possible to reuse consumer waste, and thereby produce products in a sustainable way which does not conflict with a beautiful design.
Unfortunately, since post-consumer waste comes from our homes, it is more difficult to separate and collect, which is why it is crucial that all waste is sorted properly.
At Plast Team, we truly believe in giving plastic a second life, in order to prevent tons of material from being left behind in nature.