A sustainable enviroment

Today, many people are still not aware of the fact that producing plastic can be less damaging to produce than most other comparable products. Instead, plastic is often thought of as being one single and damaging material.

In fact, plastic often contributes to the increase of resource efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions and is essential to many new eco friendly innovations. It has even been projected that if alternative materials would replace the packaging used today, our society would experience twice as much energy consumption.

Therefore, as a leading manufacturer of plastic home products, we believe it is our duty to take on a prominent role and responsibility when it comes to contributing to a sustainable society. We have already produced smarter product designs that promote recycling and reuse, including new products made from regrind plastics and post-consumer recycling material.

We also believe it is important to educate and promote recycling and reduction of waste. As a result, we have introduced new symbols for sustainable solutions, to make it easier for consumers to make an informed decision on what they want to buy.

We are the Plast Award 2021 nominees!

We have been nominated for the Plast Award 2021 by Plast Industrien. We are members of this prestigious group together with other companies. This award is given for our contribution to the promotion and development of the plastics industry. An important aspect is also building public awareness that plastic, when used properly, is not a threat.

Achieving this was possible thanks to the continuous cooperation and efforts of our entire team, starting from the idea to the delivery of the product to customers. This is why we are able to provide you with a wide range of recyclable products made of recycled material.

This common motivation also allows us to establish successful collaborations such as the one with Selina Juul to promote a responsible attitude towards food waste.

You can read more about the award and our nomination here (Danish only).

Preventing over-consumption

At Plast Team, we have developed an app called BoxPointer. It helps you find your storage boxes and indirectly prevents you from unnecessary consumption.

The App is compatible with our ProBox storage box series.

Probox QR

Scan the QR code and keep track of all your storage boxes. The app will keep track and help you find your jacket when winter comes without a hassle.

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Download available directly from the App Store or Google Play

Plast Team x Selina Juul

Food waste is a global scandal. In European Union alone, around 88 million tonnes of good edible food are wasted annually. Globally, over one third of the world’s produced food is either lost of wasted.

At Plast Team, as one of the leading European companies in supplying plastic home products in the categories of Food Storage and Kitchenware etc., we want to contribute to end the global food waste scandal – and actively contribute to the implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3: to reduce the world’s food losses and waste by 50% by 2030.

That’s why Plast Team has teamed up with one of the world’s leading award-winning experts on food waste: Selina Juul.

Together with Selina Juul we have created and designed a product series of intelligent Food Storage for households – and much more – to prevent and reduce household food waste. Many reports say that most food is wasted in the Western households. And at Plast Team, we want to help stopping this waste of food.

Selina Juul is the Founder of the Stop Wasting Food movement (Stop Spild Af Mad) – Denmark’s largest non-profit movement against food waste. Selina Juul is also Reader’s Digest European of the Year 2020, European Young Leader 2018, Dane of the Year 2014, Winner of Nordic Council Nature and Environment Prize 2013 and recipient of many other awards and recognitions for her national and international work against food waste.

Selina Juul has appeared in a BBC video which went viral and god 30 million views, she authored and co-authored over 40 national and international books and publications of food waste – as well as a book with the Vatican – and she gave over 300 talks on national and internationals conferences on food waste, among them two TEDx talks and a talk at the Nordic Business Forum with an audience of 7.500 people from 50 countries.

Besides that, Selina Juul has authored over 230 opinion-editorials on food waste in national and international media – among in The Huffington Post, New York.

Selina Juul collaborates with EU, UN and is one of the Champions 12.3 – global coalition of ambassadors for the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3.

Selina Juul has appeared in national and international media and TV over 9.000 times – among them she is featured on BBC, CNN, Reuters, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Economist, National Geographic and many others.

With Selina Juul’s many years of experience in the fight against food waste and consumer food waste behavior, Selina Juul contributes to Plast Team’s development of Food Storage product series against food waste targeting the households.

The sale of each sold product of the Plast Team x Selina Juul collaboration also supports the work and operations of the Stop Wasting Food movement (Stop Spild Af Mad) organization.