At Plast Team you will find products made with a combination of Danish design and high functionality. We are one of the leading providers of plastic home products, and we offer many plastic storage boxes, all with the purpose of storing and organizing your items at home, as well as other products in different categories that serve other practical purposes.

We are committed to ensuring the quality and safety of our products. No matter what your need is,

we give you the possibility to choose between a wide variety of high-quality storage boxes, laundry baskets, kitchen tools and much more.

High-quality storage boxes

Because we know that keeping the home organized is important to most people, we are committed to providing you with the best plastic storage boxes and other products that fit your needs.

All of our products are designed in Denmark and it can be seen in the way all products in each category have a minimalistic and timeless design, high quality and great functionality. In our Storage category, you will find our most classic and popular storage boxes for all kinds of storing and organizing purposes at home. Our storage box category consists of beautiful and practical storage boxes and all of the plastic storage boxes are made in recyclable plastics, meaning that they are reusable. Some of the box storage solutions are even made from regrind plastic or post-consumer recycled material. Some boxes have a clear and simple look, while others are in joyful colours. You will also be able to find baskets and boxes in many different sizes and colours for storage in the office, bathroom, utility room, bedroom etc. You can find everything and you are guaranteed to find something that fits your taste. Additionally, you will be able to find DIY and small insert boxes that are ideal for keeping smaller items organized.

In our food storage and kitchenware categories, you can find several kitchen utensils and box storage solutions for food in different designs, so that you can choose a food storage box that matches your kitchen and overall style. Our Cleaning and Laundry category consists of stylish and practical bins, laundry baskets and sinkware products and many more. Maybe you already have what you need for optimal storage at home. However, if you need more items for organizing, we also offer DIY products and tools. Here you will find everything you need for you to be able to get your stuff in order. As an addition to our standard product categories, we are happy to introduce our value packs, which overall consists of products from four different product series in our Storage category and they all come in prepackaged sets.

Plastic storage boxes for everyone

When looking through our product assortment, you will find all kinds of products under each category that targets different segments. You will find anything from lunch boxes for adults and kids, laundry baskets for the young generation who have just moved out from home and kitchen utensils for everyone who enjoys cooking. You will also find products for your child’s everyday life. In other words, you are able to find products for the entire family in our assortment. Our Plastic storage boxes are long-lasting and target a wide segment due to the minimalistic and simple designs. No matter what style you prefer, there is something for everyone, no matter if you are a romantic or a minimalist.

Innovative design

Our products are created from the idea that it is possible to combine beautiful design with high-quality and a low price. The design process is long and meticulous and begins when the designer creates the first drawing and ends when we have a final sample. Our designers are carefully selected, and they all pay significant attention to details. Each designer has their own signature and flair, and they are therefore chosen for projects, where we can see that the product will match their creative ideas and competences. A product is therefore not just for a box storage need, but it is developed with every little detail in mind. A storage box must not only meet a need in the market, it should also tell a story.

In order to produce high-quality products at low prices, we look at the entire production process and analyze where we can optimize and innovate. We continuously try to be innovative and provide sustainable solutions in beautiful designs, and we always strive to optimize our packing method. In our product development process, we always try to take into account the safety, quality and environmental impact.

Environmentally friendly

At Plast Team, we care and take responsibility for people and the environment. The moulds and products must be produced under acceptable working conditions, and they must be produced in a way that has as little impact on climate change as possible. This is seen in anything from our packaging methods to the way that all of our products are recyclable, and we have started to produce more and more products made from recycled plastic materials. Thus, we work to ensure that products and materials are safe and minimize any negative impact on the environment. Plastic storage boxes are not just basic storage boxes, but they are to be recycled after use.

We constantly develop smart storage solutions that meet our customers’ needs, and we do it in a sustainable way where we are able to keep up.

We do not only focus on producing recyclable products and post-consumer recycled products, we also focus on regrind plastics. When producing a storage box and other products, we work actively on reducing waste in manufacturing. So, when possible we believe that waste from one manufacturing process should be used in the production of other items, and this is seen in some of our products such as our probox recycle box storage and Avedøre Waste Management system.

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