Dispenser Box 1,1 L

Dispenser Box 1,1 L

Art No. 1125

Dispenser box with a two-way pouring system. One side offers a sprinkler for a small amount of food and the other side is ideal for pouring larger foods and quantities. The slim design makes it easy to manage and you can easily see what is inside the boxes due to the clear look. It can contain up to 1,1 L.

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Width: 187 mm

Height: 123 mm

Length: 94 mm

Volume: 1.1 Liter


Practical dry food storage
Slim shape for easy handling
Material: PP


The symbol says the product is suitable to be washed in a dishwasher.The symbol says the product is suitable for food storage.The symbol says the product is made of recyclable material and describes the type of material.