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Our airtight containers are high-quality fridge and freezer boxes with transparent lid and bottom. The lid has a strong silicone ring making the box 100% airtight. The strong close also prevents any leaks and odors, which makes the boxes optimal for transporting food or for keeping it fresh for longer.

With Plast Team’s airtight containers it is easy to store unused food or leftovers. The containers are ideal for bringing lunch to work or with you when you are on the go. Airtight containers are a quick and effective solution when you want to bring food with you, or if you simply want to conserve the food at home for a longer time.

The series comes in 7 different sizes ranging from 0,3 to 5 L – suitable for customer needs, and you can therefore have many variations at home for all kinds of use.

Airtight containers for all needs

Choosing the right food container can actually be quite important, whether you need a container for organizing your kitchen cabinet, storing your leftovers or packing for a lunch to-go. Plastic food containers with lids are ideal for cupboard, fridge and freezer storage as well as lunches outside of the home.

Once you have tried an Airtight container, it is hard to choose another product. If you need a food container that is easy to use when saving leftovers and that is effective when it comes to protecting food from air exposure, then the airtight container is the ideal food container. The container extends the durability of the food by keeping out air and bacteria. The airtight containers can easily go in the dishwasher, and they are therefore easy to clean after being used.

With all the different sizes to choose between, you can easily find the right food storage for your needs.

Airtight containers can help prevent food waste

More and more people are interested in food storage, especially in these days when food waste is on the agenda. Therefore, it is very important to have a food container where you can store your open food savely, and the ideal choice is to pick a container that is airtight. A food container is indispensable in the kitchen if you are interested in saving money and preventing food waste. If you have food that needs to be refrigerated, plastic containers like our Airtight container are ideal as they keep leftovers from dinner fresh in the fridge.

In an airtight container, the food lasts longer and it is a more sustainable solution, as you do no longer have to use a lot of tinfoil every time you are storing your food. You can even stack the airtight containers in the fridge, or you can use the different sizes for lunch or snacks and bring them with you in the bag.

The airtight containers are suitable for storage of all kinds of food, including fruits, vegetables, hot meals and snacks. Because of the airtight lid, the food and its flavor can last much longer. Additionally, the lid prevents insects and bacteria from entering the food container.

The airtight food storage container can store food in the refrigerator, freezer and at room temperature.

How to choose the right container

How do you choose the right product for food storing? There are several factors you must consider; What kind of food do you need to store, what kind of storage? (refrigerated, frozen or room temperature storage), how long do you need it to be stored and how much storage space is available? A plastic container with an airtight lid is ideal for all types of storage, including storage of food in the refrigerator and freezer. Liquid food is stored well in this type of container, as well as dry food that is supposed to be stored at room temperature.

Do you want to avoid crispy food from becoming soft because you forgot to close the plastic bag correctly, or the food losing flavor because it has been exposed to the air for too long? With an airtight container, you can prevent the above scenarios.

Airtight containers are essential items to have at home in your kitchen, and there are different containers to choose between. Due to the plastic material, the container does not easily break. Therefore, you can easily bring the containers with you without any concerns if the food leaks.

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