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Food Storage

This category of food storage containers includes all of our food containers, including to-go lunch boxes, dry plastic food containers, freezer boxes, and food containers for storing in the fridge, freezer and microwave. Our high-quality food storage containers are durable for long-term use, and all of our product ranges vary so that they meet individual needs.

Food containers that fulfill your needs

With Plast Team’s plastic food containers, you do no longer have to worry about forgetting your leftovers and expiration dates. You can find storage containers with features that prevent food waste. More specifically, some food containers are compatible with an App that helps you to keep track of your leftovers. Other food storage containers have glass bottoms, making it possible to store and heat your food in the same container. If you spend a lot of time on meal prepping, you will also find that most of our product ranges in this category are practical for this purpose. Most of the food containers come in various sizes, and it is therefore possible to store all kinds of food and leftovers.

Food Storage category includes to-go lunch boxes, dry plastic food containers like presented Olso series, freezer boxes, and food containers for storing in the fridge, freezer and microwave

Most of our storage containers are transparent, and it is therefore easy to see what is inside of the containers. This is especially practical when you want to store your food at home, as it will minimize the risk of forgetting what leftovers you have in the containers.

Our food storage containers have been carefully tested for water leakage. Some of our food containers are dishwasher safe, suitable for oven and micro wave. It is clearly stated on each product what they are suitable for.

What to consider when choosing the right food storage container

Choosing the right food container does not have to be difficult. You just need to define your need, including what the storage container should be used for. It is preferable to choose a container that is waterproof and airtight. A water- and airtight container is crucial when bringing it with you to e.g. work or other places, since nobody wants meat sauce all over the bag. It is always stated on the boxes if the products are waterproofed and/or airtight, so do yourself a favor and read the labels before you buy a container.

When it comes to basic food storage, many people use takeout containers. However, there are several reasons why it makes sense to upgrade to a more durable one. Many plastic takeout containers are good enough for storing leftovers until the next day. Nevertheless, when used over and over, the poor quality of the containers shows. First of all, you can not always see through most of such containers, and it is therefore easy to forget what you have stored in the fridge. As a consequence, the stored food will often expire and perhaps even rot. Secondly, they are rarely leak proofed and therefore not ideal for transporting. Thirdly, it is unlikely that they are approved for microwaving and repeated food storage. So if you want your food to be more fresh and to last longer, and if you want to be able to bring it with you, it makes sense to upgrade to a more high-quality food storage container.

At Plast Team we offer different food storage containers that fit to all kinds of needs. We have everything from kids lunch boxes to food storage containers that are more targeted towards the adult segment. For the kids food storage segment, we offer different sizes and colors and you can choose the same design for both boys and girls. The design is playful and fun, and it will spice up the children’s lunch.

For the older segment, there are several containers to choose between all depending on if your choice is based on price, quality, material or design. If you are into meal prepping, you may need extra food containers, and we have several food storage series that provide just that.

Glass food container without a lid is placed in a oven, and have piece of the lasagne inside.

Glass or plastic food storage containers?

Are you unsure whether you should choose glass or plastic storage containers for food? What the right choice is depends on how you plan to use the containers and what kind of material you prefer.

If you are not sure what storage container to pick, then there are different things you should consider. Choosing between plastic and glass is a personal choice and it depends on your individual need and taste. A plastic food storage container is easy to transport, easy to store and easy to use. Some prefer glass containers because they believe the lid fits better, it is easy to see through the box and they are more comfortable with storing food in glass than plastic. On the other hand, a glass container is more heavy than one made in plastic, and it is therefore something to keep in mind if you need to transport it.

Food containers in beautiful Scandinavian designs

Our food containers come in different but beautiful Scandinavian designs. What all of the boxes have in common is that they represent a modern, minimalist and Nordic design, yet each series has something different to offer. Whether you prefer a design that is simple and clean, or if you like something that is more colorful, this product category will fulfill your need.

If you are not necessarily looking for lunch and leftover food containers but you rather want storage of dry food, then we have a handful of product series that are ideal for this purpose. Identical for all of the product series is that they come in a classic, elegant and functional Scandinavian design. The look of the storage boxes almost makes you want to display your pasta and rice. Not everyone has enough space in their kitchen cabinets, and therefore the storage boxes can easily stand freely on the kitchen table without looking messy. If you have enough space and if you are into organizing the kitchen cabinet, these storage boxes are also ideal for keeping a clean and organized kitchen cabinet. For each series, you will find different sizes of boxes so that you can store pasta, rice and flower in the same design. This gives a more clean and systematic look and adds a simplicity to your kitchen organizing system.

If you prefer a more mixed system, you can also choose boxes from different series as each item is sold individually. There are many opportunities to get the food storage system that you prefer.

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