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Polar Box

Polar boxes are practical food storage boxes. The boxes are great for leftovers and general food storage in the fridge and ideal as freezer storage containers. The Polar freezer containers come in 8 different sizes ranging from 0,46 to 2,5 L, and it is therefore possible to find a box that fits your needs.

The clear bottom makes it easy to get an overview of what is stored inside of the box.

Freezer containers that keep your food fresh

Are you tired of saving your leftovers and other food in the fridge only to realize that you have left it in there for too long and it has expired? If you want food to be fresh all the time, then these freezer containers are practical and affordable and come in a beautiful Danish design. They come in a clear bottom and semitransparent or solid lid, in four different colors; blue, red, grey, and black.

If you want to extend your food supply, freezing is a great solution. In fact, it is one of the easiest steps you can take to make cooked meals last longer. However, many people have probably tried to forget about their food in the freezer, and then the food in the freezer containers can easily become a waiting room for the garbage bin. If you want to prevent your food from becoming waste, you need the right freezer storage containers and the right system for packing, thawing and organizing your food.

Everyone would like a lot of storage space, not only when it comes to clothes but also for fridge and freezer space. However, not everyone has a kitchen that is big enough to have a large freezer. Therefore, you should always organize your food supply in a way that is space saving, so that you can store as much as possible even in a small freezer. This should be something to aim for also if you have a large freezer.

You can freeze all kinds of food in freezer containers e.g. pre-made meals that are ready to eat, summer berries to add to a tarte or cake, vegetables and much more. By freezing many different kinds of food, it will save you a lot of trips to the supermarket.

How to freeze your food most effectively

Some frozen foods will indisputably lose the flavor or quality compared to fresh foods. Nonetheless, there are several ways where you can extend the flavor and quality of your food, and one important factor is to use the right freezer storage containers.

If frozen foods are exposed to air and moisture, it has a negative impact on the quality of the food. You do not have to worry too much about this outcome, if you use the right packaging.

You need a freezer container that does not let in too much air, odors and moisture. That way, the freezer storage containers will ensure that your food in the freezer will last longer.

Once you have the right freezer containers, the next step is to make sure that you freeze your food in a correct way. It all comes down to the way you pack your food, as it will influence how it is freezed and thawed. First of all, you must avoid adding too much non-frozen food to your freezer at the same time. This is because a slower freezing process will impact the quality of the food. In other words, if there is too much non-frozen food in your freezer at once, the freezing process for each item will be slower and it will make the food soggy. Secondly, you should also think about the freezing temperature that you choose, and ideally you must lower the temperature the day before freezing a large amount of food. Thirdly, another way to prevent a slow freezing process is to freeze smaller portions. So, try not to put all your leftovers into one freezer container, but divide it into portion sizes in several containers. This also counts for meals with different components in it, because they are going to freeze and thaw at different rates. An example can be chicken and vegetables, so it is recommended to pack them separately into each container.

Additionally, you should always remember to cool down your cooked meals before freezing. If the food is still warm when you place it in the freezer, then it will cause condensation inside the freezer containers, which is harmful for the food quality.

Choose a good organizing system

Many of us probably know the feeling of not knowing what we have in our freezer, and as we mentioned earlier, much of the food will most likely end up in the garbage bin. Even though some of us try to do our best to use an organizing system for a better overview, we often fail at this after a while. This is because we are either returning to old habits of just throwing the food in the freezer randomly, or because we do not use a correct organizing system.

If we organize our freezer correctly, including using the correct freezer storage containers, dividing the food from each other, labeling what is inside of the freezer containers and keeping a list of what we store in the freezer, then we are on the right track and the risk of letting food rot and go to waste is little. Not only is organizing your freezer better for you financially, but it is also more environmentally friendly as it prevents food waste. It is also a lot more convenient and time-saving for you, when you have food that is easy to find and ready to use. This is especially important for a hectic family life, where all family members have busy schedules, as most families do not have time to go through their freezer daily.

Even though most food can be stored in the freezer for a long time, it can still expire and therefore it is important to keep track of the food and how long it has been stored in the freezer storage containers. Due to the food being frozen, bacteria are prevented from entering the food. However, the quality of the food will worsen while it is in the freezer. Depending on what kind of food we are talking about, it is generally recommended to use the food in the freezer within approximately 9 months. Therefore, try to label the freezer containers, so that you can always see what you have available.

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