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Lunch box

The Hilo lunch box is part of the Hilo lunch series, which is practical and comes in a modern design. The series has a more modern design than the traditional lunch box with a two-colored toned body and lid. The modern look, and the choices of colors, make the lunch boxes suitable for boys and girls of all ages. The boxes are easy for children to use, as they either have a screw lid or a clip closure lid.

The design is optimal for transport as the smaller boxes fit inside the big lunch boxes, and both can easily fit into school bags. The small inserts enable you to organize the lunch and separate the foods from each other.

The Hilo Lunch box series consists of a rectangular box, a traditional square lunch box, one in half of the size and a mini one in quarter of the size. Additionally you can get a small and medium lunch box in round shapes. The different shapes and sizes make it ideal for mixing different kinds of lunch and bringing afternoon snacks. The rectangular version is optimal for storing fruit and vegetables such as cucumbers and carrots that are cut out in pieces. The round boxes are ideal for small pieces of fruits and snacks that you do not want to be mixed with your bread or other primary lunch.

A lunch box for a wide segment

Due to the design and functionality of the boxes, this lunch box category is designed for children in all different age groups. Because of the modern design, older children can also use these boxes for school and camps. Most adults often prefer a design that is plain and most toddlers and younger children often want cartoon characters or other fun designs. This design is both plain but it still has a fresh and different design, which therefore makes it relevant for children in many age groups.

Another factor that plays an important part for being used by kids in all ages is the functionality. The lids are tightly fastened to the bottoms and prevents leakage, yet they are easy to remove.

Choosing the right lunch box for your children can be hard, as there are many versions in the market. It obviously differs from person to person when it comes to preferable functionality and style, and there are no right or wrong boxes. However, most people prioritize a lunch box that is waterproof and that fits into a backpack – no matter if you are packing lunch for a small child or a teenager. Nobody wants liquid lunch all over their backpacks.

As an addition to the lunch box series, we offer our Hilo drinking bottles that match the lunch box. So, if you prefer a complete lunch set in the same design, then Hilo is a great pick.

Choosing a good lunch box does not only depend on the correct color, design, functionality and how user friendly it is. It also depends on the durability and how easy it is to clean and maintain. The Hilo lunch box can last for a long time, which saves you money in the long run and is a sustainable solution. However, in order to keep your lunch box in the same high-quality for a long time does not only depend on the material, but it also comes down to how good you are at maintaining it. We recommend that you make sure to empty the lunch box every day or night and that you wash it regularly.

So, if you are looking for a lunch box that is non-toxic and BPA-free, easy to clean, has a modern design and which is practical to use, then the Hilo lunch series is a great choice.

What to bring in your lunch box

We all eat lunch every day and for most people, packing a lunch box every night becomes part of the overall routine. Packing the same cheese and ham sandwich for lunch is simple and easy but there really is no need to eat the same lunch every day. At some point, your kids will become tired of eating the same over and over, lunch therefore often becomes a boring affair.

Why not make the lunch box for your kids and/or yourself for that matter a little more fun and creative? Our Hilo lunch series is perfect for testing different kinds of food as you can easily experiment with different food and side dishes, due to the different sizes and shapes of the boxes. A lunch box with inserts is a great pick, if you prefer to separate your fruits and vegetables from your sandwiches or meat. Nobody wants a soggy sandwich because it has been in direct contact with the wet cucumber. Instead, these foods should be separated.

Try to test different food and see what your children like. There are many new and interesting lunch box variations that are healthy and fun for your kids. It does not have to be expensive or demanding to make lunch that does not include the traditional sandwich. There are many recipes online which are only concerning lunch, so try to spend ten minutes and look through the lists and hopefully you will become inspired. Your children will love to get something new and different with them for lunch, and you will probably also like to make something new for them, once in a while.

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