Measuring Jug 0,25 L

Measuring Jug 0,25 L

Art No. 3010

This clear measuring jug has a soft-touch handle and imprinted two-side scale on both front and side for easy reading. It has a 3-dimensional scale for both (deci)liter, sugar and flour in five languages. It has an easy handle and extra large spout for easy pouring. It can contain up to 0,25 L.

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Width: 117 mm

Height: 91 mm

Length: 79 mm

Volume: 0.25 Liter


Different sizes
Material: SAN/TPE


The symbol says the product is free of any Bisphenol A compounds.The symbol says the product is suitable for food storage.The symbol illustrates material type and that the product is recycable , and can be placed in the “hard plastic” recycle bins.