Oslo 0,85 L

Oslo 0,85 L

Art No. 1801

Our classic and practical Oslo series have been updated with new and even better clips. The new clips are made in a smooth and modern design, making Oslo perfect for food storage both in a drawer or on the kitchen counter.

The dry food storage boxes allows the content to stay fresh and crisp. The canisters are stackable, and the clear design makes it possible to see the content both from the sides and top.

The series come in four different sizes ranging from 0,85 to 2,6 L – perfect for storage in both cabinets and on kitchen counters. This canister can contain up to 0,85 L.

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Width: 168 mm

Height: 88 mm

Length: 109 mm

Volume: 0.85 Liter


Classic dry food storage
Tight clip-function lid
Transparent lid and bottom
4 sizes
Material: NAS/silicone

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