Seattle Duo 2×25 L

Seattle Duo 2×25 L

Art No. 1354

This Seattle Duo set consists of two swing bins that can contain up to 25 L each. With a thick frame, bins are combined into a robust set for more convenient waste sorting. It’s modern and sleek design makes it a perfect fit for both the kitchen, utility room and bathroom. The functional lid makes it easy to dispose things without making a mess. Actually, the lid consists of two parts: a smaller swing lid for smaller waste and the big flip lid for bigger waste.

The large frame does not only add a beautiful detail to the product design, but it also covers the garbage bag so that it is not visible.

Seattle swing bins come in two different colors: black and white.

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Width: 539 mm

Height: 480 mm

Length: 338 mm

Volume: 25 Liter


A set to make waste segregation easier
Functional swing bins
Different sizes
Two colors
Easy waste disposal
Material: PP

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