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Home Box Bedroller

Within the Home Box series, we also offer 4 practical bedrollers in different sizes; 25 L, 30L, 49L and 75L. Our storage boxes with wheels make it easy to store your belongings under the bed. This is a very practical way of storing things that are supposed to be kept but not used daily. It is perfect for the storage of shoes, clothes, toys or bed sheets. It is possible to choose a bedroller that fits below children’s beds, and one that fits underneath a double bed in the bedroom.

If you need more storage space, then a bedroller is the optimal solution. With a bedroller you have room for storing both your sheets and winter clothes, and the items are thereby hidden but still nearby.

With a Plast Team bedroller, you do not need a certain bed in order to be able to use the product. Our bedrollers fit underneath most beds, and you can pick the size that fits to your bed.

One advantage of a transparent plastic bedroller is that you can easily see what it contains from the outside, without having to pull it out from the bed. Another benefit of using a bedroller is that it protects the items from dust and dirt.

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