Tidy – a new way to keep your stuff organized

Tidy is a revolution in organizing items at home and work. A solution for our times, which thanks to a smartphone and QR codes placed on our containers allows you to get an easy and complete overview of everything you store. It will be perfect both to embrace your home stash, pantry or all your DIY utensils, but also in the workplace.

Have you ever had a long search for winter clothes, a family album, keepsakes, or tools in your garage? It’s annoying when you know it should be here somewhere! With Tidy, you can prevent these situations from happening. All you need is the Tidy and our storage box which is compatible with the app. You put the item in the box, put it down in its place, scan the code with your phone and save the information in the app. Done! 4 easy steps separate you from convenient storage!

Or are you an entrepreneur running a DIY store, preschool, restaurant or other form of business? Tidy also offers something for you. Perfectly organized storage with our containers and information flow between employees with Tidy! It saves you space and time!

Tidy is designed to be as convenient to use as possible. Apart from information about the room where the container is located you can also add its location in this room and some photos. Additionally you can add a reminder about the container and the application will inform you in a chosen time where you put your summer hiking equipment.

Once you have added more than a few storage boxes you can still easily find your items and the boxes they are stored in. The search bar will allow you to filter results by container name, items stored in containers, or by the location. Do you want to search boxes located in specific rooms? No problem, use the room filter!

Or maybe you need to approach the problem differently. You have a container in front of you, but it’s hard to access and you want to make sure your item is there. How do you do this without unnecessary clutter and effort? Scan the QR code to view the information about it stored in the app!

Is it time for the big cleanup? You can generate a document with a list of all the boxes and their contents from your Tidy account. Then, you can share or print the file as needed.

SHARING, the most important feature of Tidy. What would be the point of organizing our storage in an app if none of our household members or co-workers had access to that information? Tidy is a storage universe. Just scan a code and the container information will also be in the app on second smartphone, and a third… and the next. You can create your own storage universe with loved ones or colleagues this simple way.

Don’t worry if you don’t want someone to change something about your box in the app just disable the ability for other people to scan your code. You can do the same to take away other people’s ability to access your container’s data even if they already have it in the app.

Download the Tidy mobile app and take your organizing to the next level!

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