Folding Box Small

Folding Box Small

Art No. 1255

This Folding Box in a small size is one of the newest additions to the Folding Box series. This smallest folding box in our offer is folded completely flat when not in use, which makes it perfect to have in the car for shopping, picnics, in the summer house, or garage. The hole-design is made for better ventilation e.g. for carrying vegetables and has handles on the sides for easy carrying and transportation of the box.

The folding box can also be ideal for the storage of toys and other items in the children’s room, and it is only limited by imagination.

This newest member of the folding box family is available in 5 standard colors to choose between. The black variant is made of plastic regrind.

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Width: 239 mm

Height: 109.3 mm

Length: 176 mm


Practical storage items
Material: PP or Regrinded

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