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Multi Boxes

In addition to our other series of storage boxes, we also have a selection of various storage boxes that we have gathered into one category, which we call ‘Multi boxes’. Such storage boxes include: Uno boxes, Euro boxes, a Multi box with click lid and Folding boxes.

The Uno boxes are with a clear lid and bottom for easy overview of content and a large practical handle with finger sockets to ensure easy moving and transporting of the box. They are available in 4 sizes, including a bedroller. Euro boxes are sturdy with handles on all four sides. The boxes are stackable even without a lid and are available in 2 sizes.

The folding boxes are optimal for all kinds of storage at home but can also be used to take with you when grocery shopping. The boxes can be completely folded together so that they do not store much space in the car, and it is easy to carry stuff in it when unfolded.

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