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Kids lunch box

It can often be very confusing to pick the right lunch box for your children, as there are so many different designs, styles and varieties out there in the market. However, if you want a kids lunch box that is fun, playful and colorful, then our Fun lunch series is a great choice.

In the Fun lunch series, you find a wide range of kids lunch boxes and food containers appealing to many children. The series is perfect for storing or bringing any kinds of food, whether it is sandwiches, fruit or other small snacks. The different sizes, shapes and colors make lunch time a lot more fun. Four of the five lunch boxes are with either flexible clips or a click lid for tight fastening.

At some point most parents will have to face the struggle of preparing and packing the kids’ lunch boxes. It can be difficult to prepare a lunch box that is healthy but at the same time not boring. No parents want their children’s lunch to end up in the garbage or returned to the home untouched. One way to make the entire lunch experience a little more fun, is to begin with the lunch boxes. Why not make it fun?

Back to school kids lunch box

Instead of a standard plastic container or a brown paper bag, you can go with a kids lunch box that is both cute and fun. With this Fun Lunch series, you can get lunch boxes with inserts and click lids. An insert is ideal if you want to divide the food into special categories, e.g. main lunch, snacks, fruits etc. If your child is older and can manage more than one box, then there is the possibility of adding a fruit box or other small sets of boxes for snacks. If your child is into a very “boyish” or “girlish” color, then you can choose a kids lunch box in pink or blue. If your child on the other hand likes all colors, you can pick our tiny box sets of either four or seven small boxes in various colors.

These lunch boxes are not only optimal for bringing to school but they can also be used for bringing to the park for a picnic. The Fun Lunch series is considered as a great pick for kids lunch box because here the children can get a little taste of everything with different snack and lunch portions. The click lid is very practical as small children can easily open the boxes themselves.

The kids lunch box is optimal for both toddlers, kindergarten children and bigger school kids.

Kids lunch box that are functional and practical

Not only is this series popular among children but it is also a kids lunch box which most parents prefer. When parents are preparing lunch for their children each night, it quickly becomes essential to have lunch boxes that are easy to clean, contain the right material, are long-lasting and have the right price.

With this series, you get a kids lunch box that is dishwasher safe, and has a long durability. The lunch boxes and small sets have the perfect size for small toddlers as well as for older school children. They fit into most backpacks. The kids lunch box is also ideal for bringing to camps and for travelling, so it is not only limited to school or daycare use.

Boxes for creative materials

Our Fun Lunch series is ideal for, but not limited to, lunch use. Additionally, the boxes can be used for storing creative materials. If your children like to make pearl necklaces or play with other small items, then this series can easily be used for storing such things. The children can choose to store pearls in a blue box and yarn or strings in a pink box or other fun colors. That way it is also easy for the kids to keep their own organizing system.

All in all, the kids lunch box can be used for many different purposes and it is only limited by imagination.

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