Probox Recycle 70 L

Probox Recycle 70 L

Art No. 2782

This Probox recycle storage box can contain up to 70 L and is ideal for storage of larger items such as pillows, books, sheets and other items. The recycle collection, which is made from regrind plastic, is an addition to the ProBox collection and comes in the same high-quality as the standard Proboxes. Probox is a functional, classic and Danish designed storage box and is perfect for storage in all kinds of rooms. The recycled version comes in an all-black color, which is due to the process of sorting and regrinding the plastic material. The box is easily stackable.

The Probox recycle box comes with a QR tag which can easily be added to the box by a clip function. The QR code is compatible with the Boxpointer App and is easy to use. The app will remind you of where your items are stored.

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Width: 395 mm

Height: 390 mm

Length: 725 mm

Volume: 70 Liter


High quality storage box
Innovative storage solution
Strong close w/ 2 big clips
Material: Regrinded

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