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Probox Recycle

Probox Recycle is a range of 7 high quality storage boxes made from recycled plastic material. The recycle collection is an addition to the Probox collection and is not only made from regrind plastic, but also features the same top quality.

The Probox series offers a smart storage solution, and due to all the different sizes available it is easy to store all kinds of items. Depending on the volume of the box, you can store anything from sheets, books, toys and office supplies.

The recycle collection is developed with a vision of functionality and a clear Scandinavian design and comes in an all-black color, due to the process of sorting and regrinding the plastic material.

For the Probox Recycle boxes, a QR tag is included and can easily be clicked on to the box. There are two places where you can attach the QR tag, namely on each side below the clips. The QR code is connected to the Boxpointer App, which is very simple and easy to use. The app will help you remember where you have stored specific items, so you do not need to spend a lot of time trying to find certain things.

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