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AKITA is a new range of Danish designed storage buckets made from post-consumer recycled material. This series is a result of when sustainability, functionality and design harmonize well. The possibilities are many with our AKITA buckets. With our two sizes, 10L and 53L, the buckets can be used for storing a wide variety of things including towels, blankets, magazines or as part of an outdoor environment as a plant bucket. The possibilities of using Akita for different decorative things are many, and the product will surely complement any room.

For the 53L version, the sturdy lid can hold up to 50 kg making the bucket a perfect fit for a bedside or balcony table. The functionality of the storage buckets has been given a high priority, since Akita functions as both storage and as a table, which you can use as a tray for e.g. cups and teapot. Whatever you choose to store in the bucket and how you decide to use the product, the classic and minimalist Danish design makes you want to display it in any room of the household.

Great product with an even greater story

The Akita series is created from post-consumer recycled plastic. This means that once a product’s lifetime is over, plastic waste is gathered, sorted, separated, washed, dried and shredded into granulate. Finally, the plastic is once again shaped into new, high-quality products. Also, buckets made of plastic regrind are available.

A sustainable storage solution

The post-consumer recycled materials used to produce the storage buckets are made from an average of 90% recycled material. These high-quality recycled plastics are provided by Interseroh, who sources recyclable raw materials from household collections.

Why not use a storage table that not only has a beautiful design but also tells a story? Every time you look at Akita, you will remember that the plastic you toss in garbage is given a second life.

So, if you wish to use an Akita bucket for the children room, it can be fun to teach your kids how the plastic papers from their toys have been reused and made into the bucket that is used for storing toys or books.

A beautiful Danish design

Our Akita storage solution is a unique and beautiful design product that illustrates quality and Scandinavian design, and that is decorative in every possible way. Akita buckets are available in two color variants: light grey with the lid and handle in black or black without a lid. The choice of color was based on a need to have a storage bucket that would fit into most households, and that would compliment a typical Scandinavian designed home. The minimalist style and dimmed color make the product suitable for the living room, bedroom, hallway and even the balcony.

The Akita storage table, which has been designed by designer Maria Berntsen, is both functional, beautiful, playful and sustainable. It meets all kinds of storage needs and represents true Danish design.

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