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Basic Shoe Box

Our Basic Shoe Boxes belong to a series of shoe storage boxes intended for smart storage of your shoes. You can choose between several variations of shoe storage solutions, including a classic Basic Shoe Box in small and large versions, as well as Basic Shoe Box with hatch, and finally shoe boxes for high heels and boots. This gives you the opportunity to store all your shoes in the same type of shoe boxes, so you keep the same style.

Intelligent and elegant shoe storage

This see through shoe storage system is a smart and easy way to store both your everyday footwear and your occasional footwear. The Danish-design and clean look add a simple and elegant feeling to the boxes, which also makes them perfect for being displayed outside of the closet.
Instead of storing your everyday footwear by leaving the shoes visible on the floor in the entrance or in the bedroom, you can gather your shoes in different shoe storage boxes and stack them on top of each other. This solution provides you with more floor and storage space and it is easier to clean the floor around the boxes.

The clear look allows you to see the content of the shoe storage boxes from all angles and gives you a great overview of your shoe collection. The lid is easily clicked on the box by small hinges and the hatch in the front allows you to get easy access to the shoes without having to remove the lid.

If you prefer to use the boxes for storage of occasional footwear, the boxes can easily be hidden inside a closet or behind a curtain. All the shoe storage boxes are stackable, and you can therefore easily fit several boxes on top of each other in a closet, or underneath coat hangers.

The Basic Shoe Box series is therefore both an intelligent and elegant solution to your shoe storage needs.

What is the optimal way to store your shoes?

There are many ways to store your shoes, and it all depends on how much space you have available and the type of person you are. Are you a person who has a large shoe collection, or do you simply have a few pair of sneakers to choose from? Also, are you organized or are you more of a messy person? We will try to give you suggestions to how you can store your shoes in the most optimal way when it comes to space saving, and we will also provide different solutions so that you can hopefully find a solution that fits your need and surroundings. Even if you belong to the more practical-oriented group of people, keeping your shoes organized can be a challenge. For many people, it can be hard and a bit emotional to get rid of your shoes. Even though there are some pair of shoes that you do not wear that often anymore, they may have a history and mean something to you. Therefore, it is not always easy to toss out your shoes.

Divide your shoes into categories

It can be difficult to find your shoes if they are tossed on the floor in your closet, and if you have a wide range of shoes standing next to each other, it is also easy to tip them over when reaching for one pair of shoes. So, when you are in a hurry in the mornings and do not know what to wear for work, it will help if your shoe collection is organized as much as possible.

The following suggestion is mostly concerning women; Fancy heels could be organized and stored together so that you know which shoe storage box to look through when you are dressing for a party or a wedding. The same goes for the heels that are more suitable for work or other everyday settings. If you like your sneakers, why not collect them and store them together so that you have a clear overview of all your sneakers?

If you are not that organized as a person and therefore think that dividing your shoes into categories is a bit too much, then try at least to separate the shoes that you wear all the time, from the ones you wear more rarely.

Decide what kind of shoe system you prefer

There are also different places where you can store your shoes, e.g. on the floor, on the selves, on the top of your closet, or in the attic etc. If you want to keep the shoes on the floor, it is even more important to introduce an organizing system, where you divide your shoes into sneakers, heels, boots etc. That way you avoid having a mess in your closet and it helps you keep a better overview of all your shoes. However, if you wish to achieve the most tidy and organized shoe storage collection, it is recommended that you use shoe storage boxes – especially if you are a person with many shoes.

If you do not wish to keep your shoes on the floor, or even in a shoe storage box, there is also the possibility of using a shoe rack. A shoe rack can either hang in the room, or inside a closet. If you do not have that many pair of shoes, a shoe rack can easily be used for dividing your shoes into categories. The few sneakers that you have can be placed at one shelf, and the heels that you own can be stored at another shelf. The only thing you must consider when using a rack, is that most closets have limited storage space, and therefore the rack will take on a lot of space from your clothes.

If you would rather go for the shoe storage box, it is easier for you to choose between different places to store your shoes. You can store your shoe boxes either in the closet, underneath the bed, in the middle of the room, or in the attic. If you choose a shoe storage box as the ideal solution for your needs, then we suggest to use clear storage boxes with lids. If you do not know what you are looking at, then it is difficult to choose the right pair of shoes that match your outfit. In other words, it is important to see your collection so that you know what options you must choose between. Therefore, a see-through storage box is the most optimal solution if you want to use a shoe storage box at home.

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