Inspiration for Garage Storage

Do you need inspiration for storing and decorating your garage? For many people, the garage is just a place to store old stuff, and it can quickly become a mess. If you don’t know where to put certain things, they often end up in the garage and before you know it, you no longer have an overview of what is stored in what places. If you need some inspiration for garage storage, then continue to read below.

Start by sorting your stuff

To avoid having a messy garage full of random stuff, you should begin by creating an overview of what and how much you need to store, and then you can pick boxes that are suitable for your need. It is often things such as tools, and other stuff that you do not need for your everyday use that are kept in the garage. However, there is a fine line between things you use rarely and things that you never use and most likely will never use. When you go through your stuff, you should ask yourself if you are ever going to use this again or if it just takes up space.

Five stackable Probox Recycle storage boxes made of recycled PP are in three different sizes, equipped with QR codes that help organize your storage. All placed on metal shelves near a bike. Also, Tool Box and Hobby Boxes are visible.

Garage storage with a clean and neat look

Once you have sorted your items and decided what to keep and what to toss, you have a better overview of how much space you have in your garage compared to how much that needs to be stored. Next you should think of how you want it to be stored. Do you already have old boxes suitable for garage storage? If you already have boxes at home that are not damaged, we encourage you to reuse those. If you do not already have boxes or other storage solutions, or if you simply need more boxes to add to your existing ones, then we offer several solutions.

At Plast Team, we offer different boxes that are all suitable for garage storage and that make organizing easy and put an end to all mess. It all depends on your style and storage need. A good choice could be our Probox selection. With a ProBox storage box, it is possible to keep track of your belongings via an App. The QR-tag on the box is connected to the BoxPointer App, and it gives you the possibility to add and name all boxes, and specify what they each contain. This gives you a good overview of your garage storage boxes, and you do not have to go through each box to see what is inside, as you can just look it up on your phone. This series is also one of the best ones when it comes to the strong material. It is very hard to brake, and it will last for a very long time.

In other words, the Probox storage solution is ideal if you want a practical and high-quality storage box, and for those who wish to use a digital organizing system, it is possible with the ProBox series. If you want a clean and simple look, you can choose the boxes that are transparent, making it easy to identify the content, or you can choose the black colored boxes that are made from regrind plastic material.

Another example of a good garage storage solution could be our Tag store selection. This series differs from our other storage boxes as it provides a semi-translucent surface. So, if you organize and store items that are less smart, clumsy or that you simple do not want everyone to see, then this could be a good choice. The reason why it is called “Tag store” is because the boxes come with tags that are easy to add to the box. The idea of the tag is similar to the BoxPointer concept but without an App to help you keep track. Instead, if you prefer the old fashion way of using post its and tags, this box is an ideal choice. Besides the smart tag system, the boxes are easily stackable, which saves you more storage space and makes the garage look more tidy.

Not only is it satisfying with a smart and functional garage storage solution, it is also a plus if the boxes have a clean look that compliments the room. A garage does not have to be unorganized and decor-wise not pleasant to look at. Instead, it should be a place that looks appealing like the rest of the house, and where you can easily find your stuff.

All Plast Team’s storage box series come in different sizes, and therefore you can store all kinds of things, large and small, and choose the boxes that fit to each shelve. If you wish to add more colors to your garage, you can choose between several colors depending on the type of box you pick. Our colors are mostly simple and classic, and every detail has been carefully considered.

Stackable, translucent Probox storage boxes in five various sizes, with QR codes and Inserts to organize storage. Boxes are placed on and near the rack and used as watersport equipment storage in the garage.

What to consider with garage storage

Besides choosing the right storage boxes, there are some external factors that must also be taken into consideration when organizing and choosing the best garage storage solutions. It is a good idea to think about factors such as safety, air tightness and temperature.

Depending on how isolated your garage is, it is a good idea to ask yourself if the things that are supposed to be stored in the garage can handle being stored during the winter time when it is cold. The garage is often more cold than the rest of the house, so it could be an idea to keep this in mind when organizing your stuff and choosing the right box for the most optimal garage storage. It will often make sense to buy or build shelves for garage to place your boxes. That way, they are protected from the floor and it saves space. Also, choose a box that is air tight and where the handles and lid are tightly clicked on, so the things inside the boxes are safely stored.

More garage storage solutions

If you wish to take a look at different storage boxes, then there are plenty of boxes to choose between. View our different storage boxes here. What our series all have in common is the simple, modern and functional Danish design. All boxes will fit perfectly to the garage depending on how you wish to style the room.