Stylish Nordic design for decorative storage

There are many good reasons why Nordic design has become popular and has been a favorite in interior design across borders and generations. Nordic design is characterized by great simplicity, well-thought-out use of materials and design as well as a very high degree of functionality. These are classic qualities that never go out of style.

At the same time, the principles behind Nordic design can meet another trend of today: the minimalist and functional interior design, where everything is organized and cleaned up. The organized and simple lifestyle is practical for a busy daily schedule and very easy to implement. Not least with simple, well-designed storage solutions with lids.

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Modern Akita storage bucket with an elegant design, made from post-consumer recycled material. Bucket stands near the wall, next to bookcase.

The joy of decorative storage solutions

Today, storage solutions do not have to consist of boxes to be hidden away out of sight of guests. In the past, you might have used cardboard boxes that were stowed away in closets or up in the attic. But this does not work for storing things that need to be used often, maybe even daily. Here, decorative storage boxes come into the picture, which can stand freely in the living room, in the children’s room and in the bedroom.

By choosing storage solutions with lids and in a stylish Nordic design, they can be used often instead of you and the family having trouble finding boxes whenever you need something. Plast Team offers several product series for organizing, and they can be stacked and combined exactly as you want it. Versatile, practical, recyclable.

Akita storage buckets available in two sizes are great to store books or journals inside. A bucket is in a living room near the armchair and table.

Akita – beautiful, functional, sustainable

Akita is a range of Danish designed storage buckets in post-consumer recycled material. This series combines sustainability, functionality, and design. It can be used for either storage of towels, blankets, magazines, or it can be used as a tray for cups and teapot.

Whatever you choose to store in the bucket, the classic and minimalistic Danish design makes you want to display it in any room of the household. With two sizes and three assorted colors, it is easy to choose an Akita storage bucket for your particular interior style. Akita is also a helpful solution for the teenager who wants an individual décor.

Organize all your content with Tag Store

Organizing is not just about storing things away. It’s about practical, stylish storage. And it’s about organizing that storage to make it work in everyday life. Here, Tag Store helps with its simple and yet effective labeling of the contents of the storage box. You can describe the content and you can do it over and over.

Semi-translucent practical boxes and bed roller, which are part of the Tag Store series are placed around the desk and used as storage for household and office items.

Tag Store is a series of modern ice cube inspired storage boxes with a semi-translucent surface that lets you sense but not see what is inside. All the Tag Store boxes come with re-writeable tags to place in front of the box. Further, they have an easy sliding lid with recess to prevent them from shifting when stacked.

The Tag Store boxes are available in 10 sizes ranging from 1,5 to 70 L and come with tags in white.

Combination options without limits

In addition to stylish, Nordic design and an organized, simple lifestyle, the consumer today also places emphasis on the greatest possible freedom of choice. With a wide range of decorative storage boxes, it is possible to adapt the boxes to the need and make the best possible use of the space in the home.

The Home Box series is a good example. The well-designed and practical boxes are available in no less than 14 sizes from 1.6 to 86 L, they can be stacked stably and are fitted with strong lids with two clips. Thanks to the transparent material, it is even easy to see from the outside what is hiding inside. The largest boxes have pull-handles, so they are easy to move.

The Probox series is available in no less than 16 sizes from only 0.4 to 70 L. The boxes have lids and are designed in different formats so that they can fit anywhere. There are also variants for under the bed and for very narrow spaces. Probox variants are modular stackable for optimal space-saving storage and the recess and furrows in the lid prevents them from shifting when stacked.

The Probox Recycle series takes the sustainable agenda to the next level as they are made from recycled plastic. They have the same functionality and the same high quality as the other Probox-products and come in seven varied sizes.

Stackable translucent Probox containers in various sizes with clip closed lids, ideal for clothing storage or household and crafting items storage.

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