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The kitchen has become a central space in the modern family home. This is where the day begins and the evening ends. Where the kitchen used to be a small room where you could close the door and prepare the food, today it is often open and visible from the dining room and living room. Therefore, the design and layout of the kitchen has a high priority in most families.

In addition, fewer people today have wall cabinets in the kitchen, but instead choose a solution with open shelves, where things are visible as both functional and decorative elements. This gives a modern and airy impression. But it also places demands on the storage of, for example, food and accessories. This is where the storage solutions come into the picture.

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Canisters in neutral and modern design

For the new type of open kitchens that have become a favorite in many homes, most people choose to use canisters for food storage. Often the choice of canisters falls into a consistent and neutral design line, so that they not only help to create order, but also contribute to a beautiful and uniform look in the kitchen.

Mary canisters sizes are ranging from 0,6 to 2L. They come in a minimalistic and simple design that fits to every kitchen. Containers stand on a tabletop in a kitchen.

A good example is the Mary product line. A series of dry food storage canisters with a screw-on lid. All Mary products have a small tap on the front allowing you to fully open the lid for easy access and pouring – ideal for cereal, flour, sugar etc.

The Mary series is available in three different sizes, and as the contents are visible, they are perfect for daily use, whether you need to bake and use the right ingredients or maybe you are busy in the morning and need the right cereal in a hurry before rushing out the door.

Oslo – a versatile, stackable storage solution

Maybe you need many different sizes of canisters for storage. Maybe the space is cramped on the kitchen shelf, so you need to stack your storage boxes in height. Oh, and remember, you still want to store everything in nicely designed boxes that can withstand being seen from the living rooms.

The Oslo series may be the right choice for you. Oslo is a classic and practical series of dry food storage boxes with a clip-closure function allowing the dry food to stay fresh and crisp. The boxes are stackable, and the clear design makes it possible to see content both from the side – for storage on the kitchen shelf – and from the top for drawer storage. This makes Oslo a both stylish and versatile choice.

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Minimalist design with lots of character

Everywhere in the western world there is a focus on food waste. We need to reduce our over-consumption by keeping food fresh and using it all instead of throwing away leftovers. The range of Hamburg canisters contributes to the good cause by closing completely tightly, so that the contents stay fresh for as long as possible.

The stylish Hamburg canisters are fitted with a hermetic silicone seal to ensure tight closure of the lid. Further, the boxes are in a modern and minimalistic design with lots of character. A small tap on the lid secures easy removal of the lid and the canisters are available in 4 sizes ranging from 0,6 to 2,5 L – perfect for storage on kitchen shelves as well as in the kitchen drawers.

Hamburg series belonging to the food storage category. The range includes plastic dry food containers, freezer containers and food containers for refrigerator, freezer and microwave.
Hamburg is an elegant series of canisters for storing dry food. Containers have round corners and are available in 4 sizes.

Classic Nordic design – Stockholm

If you let the choice of modular storage solutions follow the kitchen’s design, you ensure a harmonious overall impression in the modern, open kitchen. The classic light, Nordic design is very popular, and that makes the Stockholm series of storage canisters for dry food an obvious choice.

Stockholm food storage canisters, available in different sizes, are perfect for storage of sugar, flour or pasta as well as for cookies! Containers stand on the tabletop.

These stylish food canisters give you the classic and clear design you are looking for in the modern home. The clear design makes it possible to see content from the side and from the top. And to save space, Stockholm canisters are stackable for optimal storage. You can have all your storage needs covered on the kitchen shelf, as Stockholm ranges from 0.1 to 2.6 L – use the smallest for your spices, for example. The hermetic silicone brim in the lid ensures that food items stay fresh and dry.

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Have you been inspired to rethink your storage of food and spices on your kitchen shelf? Can you see the benefits of choosing a uniform, stackable and transparent series of storage boxes that complete the overall impression of your kitchen? Then you can easily realize your ideas.

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