The benefits of organizing your office space

A quiet revolution is taking place in offices in large parts of the world. As many IT solutions move into the cloud, fewer things and tools are needed in the offices. There is also no need for as much space, and we have become more mobile and move around a lot more than before. In addition, there is a sharp increase in working from home, where many have also had to arrange a workplace in very little space.

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All this focuses on creating a well-organized, compact work environment. An office where everything is in its proper place and superfluous things are removed. In short, an office for the new digital and mobile reality. However, this does not mean that the office should not be characterized by well executed functional design, because aesthetics and design play a significant role in a good working environment.

Storage boxes for work – with a twist

Clean lines and Nordic design are ideal to achieve the right atmosphere in the office – whether it is in an office building with your colleagues or in your home office. But there is also a risk of cleaning up the storage solutions a little bit too much. It can end up with a lot of square boxes without the inspiring variations and little twists that challenge the rigid look. Here, the new Nuuk product range can give the desired effect.

With the Nuuk storage boxes, we introduce an independent design language, with distinctive corners, handles, and a spacious design for the physical things that, after all, still need to be accommodated in the digital office. They are available in three sizes and in two colors – clear or white. The boxes are easy to manage and are made of SAN / PPC that can be recycled.

The Nuuk series of storages boxes can also be used in many other places in the household, and in this way the design of the living quarters can be nicely connected with the elements of your home office.

Meet the multi-talented Seoul organizers

If ever there was an all-in-one product line that can solve all your storage needs in the office, tidy up the most diverse things and at the same time make it all look checked and well-designed, it has to be the Seoul products. Seoul is truly a multi-talent who can overcome the most incredible without having weak points.

The extra-large Seoul storage baskets in white color are placed in the bookcase.

The organizers are available in 4 sizes and shapes making sure different storage needs are met. The diamond-shaped holes in the design gives it a modern feeling and semi see-through feature. In addition to our four standard colors, we now introduce three new colors, all made from post-consumer recycled plastic.

The Seoul quality-baskets are stackable, present themselves in modern design with a mat surface that is nice to both touch and look at. You are hereby invited to put together your very own composition of baskets and boxes that keep order in pens, pencils, clips, and all kinds of knickknacks that must always be at hand without cluttering the desk.

Now, it’s rack-time in your home office

Maybe you are the accomplished minimalist who has nothing but a sleek laptop on your desk. Everything is stored in the cloud, you never print anything on paper, and any task can be solved with an app or a function on a website. As a digital native, you have cut your office down to the most necessary.

For the rest of us, luckily there is our Seoul Rack that offers storage for most things and yet offers a straightforward design that does not disturb the eye or concentration during work.

The Seoul Rack system is the newest addition to the Seoul Basket series. The rack is a modern and practical way of storing all your office supplies and save valuable space in the process. You can stack three baskets vertically. Wheels attached to the rear legs do not only provide stability, but also allow the rack to be moved easily.

The Seoul Rack is available in white. It is sold as a single piece to be combined with Seoul baskets in other colors. The Seoul Rack is also available as complete set with three Seoul Baskets in white if you want an all-in-one solution that provides stylish and practical storage in your office.

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Many of us spend a lot of time in offices – either at work, with clients or at home. Sometimes it is good to look at the office with critical eyes to assess whether it works optimally during the many hours you sit at the desk. Get inspired on our website or download our large main catalog and rethink the interior to secure a both functional and aesthetic working day.

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