CD storage made clever and contemporary

Even though times have changed and digitalization has made many physical products disappear, many of us still have old school CDs at home. Maybe we have music stored on them that’s very dear to us, perhaps recordings of times we wish to not forget. If you’re reading this article, you might belong to this lot. Maybe you’re in search of some helpful CD storage ideas? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In this piece, we have gathered some inspiration for you on how to store all your CDs – whether you have piles of them or only a small yet meaningful bunch. Storing your CD’s can be delightful and interesting. We have CD storage ideas for you that’ll make your space smarter and tidier and make sure that your discs will stay safe and good for a long time to come.

Seoul baskets – wonderfully compact CD storage

Depending on the amount of CDs you own, Plast Team’s Seoul baskets could serve as the perfect cd storage boxes for you. While they come in 4 different sizes, the two biggest ones work for CDs in an excellent way; they aren’t too large for this type of content, yet they still provide a secure enough space to store them.

With their mat surface and the semi see-through look created by diamond-shaped holes, Seoul baskets are a superb example of Plast Team’s Scandinavian style product design: they are contemporary, high quality and the newest editions are made sustainably from post consumer recycled plastic.

There are 6 different colors to choose from: both powdery hues and stylish stronger shades – all of which you’ll be proud to place anywhere in your home.

Seoul Organizer & Mini Basket – your CDs beautifully on display

The fresh addition to our well-liked Seoul Basket range is the smaller Seoul Organizer selection. Just like its big brother, the Seoul Organizers are made sustainably from post consumer recycled plastic. And yet again, their mat surface and diamond-shaped holes give these baskets a modern feel and partly a see-through look for an easy view of the contents.

Seoul Organizers come in 4 different sizes, the biggest one being the greatest option for a CD storage box: it gives the discs support and keeps them neatly in place, yet let’s you still easily see each and every one. The available colours are the same beautiful ones as described for the Seoul Baskets in the previous section.

When you wish to have your CDs on display, another great option is the Mini Basket range. They are a set of classic storage baskets designed to have an airy feeling, which allows you to easily see what’s inside. These baskets come in different sizes as well, however, the biggest one is yet again the most suitable option for your CDs, allowing them to clearly peak from the box.

In addition to pure white, colors for the Mini Baskets come in 4 calm, earthy tones, that will effortlessly blend with your other interior decor.

Probox 53L storage box equipped with QR codes compatible with the BoxPointer app. There is QR code scanning procedure.

Giving your CD collections the home they deserve

The CDs you own surely mean a lot to you, so you want to keep them safe and intact at all times. At Plast Team, we want to help you with this. We strive to offer you CD storage ideas that will smartly contribute to a neat and tidy home, where you can find your belongings easily and keep them safe for years to come.

Since all the Plast Team storage box ranges come in an array of sizes, your CD collections – whether extensive or a bit smaller – will find a match with the boxes that are exactly right for the purpose. The majority of our CD-suitable storage boxes are also seamlessly stackable, so you’ll be able to save a lot of space when needed. The see-through feature as well as the modernly shaped holes let you easily see what you’ve stored in each box.

We’ve also wanted to give you several beautiful colors to choose from. Colors, that complement your existing décor and that you don’t want to hide away, but proudly have on display. Overall, the simple, contemporary and high-quality Danish way of designing is essential for us. It’s the heart and soul of where our products stem from and what we want to be able to present to you.

To dive even deeper into our extensive storage box range, take a look at our inspiring product catalog. It’s packed with smart and versatile storage ideas for CDs and other storage needs alike!