Freedom of choice for your LEGO storage

Inspirational toys like LEGO truly spark the development of children’s creativity, imagination, teamwork, and learning abilities. As parents, it is a pleasure to experience how children can challenge themselves and each other, and how they can build and play in worlds they have created themselves. Sometimes, however, the amazing worlds can spread out and become landscapes where you must look out before you set foot on the floor.

In the following article, we would like to introduce you to practical storage products that are ideal for LEGO storage and toy storage, and which are well-designed, and robust. And we will present you with a selection of storage solutions for LEGO and other toys that are so wide that all wishes can be fulfilled. Enjoy toy storage that compliments your interior design and makes the most of your space.

Toy and Lego storage

ProBox Special and Seoul-series for smaller pieces

As children get a little older, they often become interested in more advanced LEGO building sets with many small elements, building blocks and figures. Then it is not only a challenge to keep the small parts away from the floor, but also to keep them separate so that you can build the finer, more elaborate projects and still maintain the overview.

The Seoul Organizer-series with diamond-shaped holes is well-suited for LEGO storage of the most delicate kind. Made from post-consumer recycled plastic and available in 7 colors, it combines practical toy storage with environmental-friendly materials and a modern touch that blends nicely with your interior design. Also available are the Seoul Baskets in 4 sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

For the more specific storage needs and on a slightly larger scale, the ProBox Special collection consists of stackable boxes with inserts that also allow for more detailed sorting of LEGO bricks and similar toys. A good choice if the toys need to be sorted very carefully and occasionally stored away. With the robust lid, ProBox Special can be stacked solidly and safely, even up in the attic, and retrieved when a new, creative building game is about to begin.

Lego Storage and Toy storae solutions

Home Box Bedrollers – great solution for large quantities

LEGO storage is one thing. DUPLO storage is another. DUPLO takes up far more space than the traditional LEGO, and if the child does not use it for a period of time, most parents recognize the challenge of finding space for it in a way that fits naturally into the decor of the children’s room.

A classic bedroller can be a solution for storing large quantities of toys that take up a lot of space, such as DUPLO. When playing is over, the child can simply fill up the spacious bedroller, close the lid and push it under the bed. Out of sight, out of mind.

Home Box Bedrollers from Plast Team come in 4 different sizes and thanks to the translucent material it is easy to recognize the content. Equipped with smooth-running wheels, a Home Box Bedroller is easy to maneuver for the child, and when there is no longer a need for LEGO storage or DUPLO storage in the household, the bedroller can be moved into position under the parents’ bed for storing shoes, towels and more.

More imaginative solutions for imaginative toys

There are no limits to the imagination when children build cities and worlds in LEGO, DUPLO and other types of toys that challenge their ability to create new and inspiring games. Fortunately, there are also no limits to how you can store the toy without taking up too much space.

Take a closer look at our K-Box series, which is another interpretation of the LEGO storage box with close-fitting lids in a happy, sky blue color. They are stackable and translucent to make them easier to handle for both adults and children.

The Tag Store series are LEGO storage boxes and toy storage boxes, which are not quite as transparent as, for example, ProBox. This provides an elegant look, and to make it easier to organize the storage, they have white tags so you can mark on the outside what is stored inside. Choose from no less than 10 sizes from 1.5 to 10 liters.

Finally, our Basic Boxes are intended for you who want no-nonsense LEGO storage and toy storage in the shape of translucent and stackable boxes from 1.7 to 134 liters. Also available in slanted versions that allow for even easier access to the toys inside.

Learn more about innovative LEGO storage solutions

At Plast Team, we never stop building something new and use our imagination. We are constantly introducing new storage solutions and new ways you can combine our products so that storage becomes playfully easy. And we are constantly working to promote the sustainability of our products and production methods.

We invite you to pick up more great ideas and new inspiration for creative toy storage in our large product catalog, packed with quality products that give you the greatest possible freedom of choice.

You can also visit our sister company, Room Copenhagen. The Room Copenhagen products, are inspired by the LEGO® Brand, and is an ever-expanding universe of interior products that brings the well-known LEGO-feeling into your everyday life.