Simple interior design begins with bedroom storage

Are you in search of good bedroom storage ideas?

You want to decorate your home in a simple, stylish, and classic way. Or maybe more modern with bright colors, striking furniture, and elegant Italian lamps? You make plans, make drawings, and let your ideas run freely. It is inspiring to play creatively with interior design and bring your ideas to life. And the reward comes when it’s done, and you can admire the result. But then reality comes around and can make a mess of it all. You must make room for shoes and blankets, extra bedding, toys, and everything else that is only in use occasionally. Fortunately, there are practical solutions so you can preserve your beautiful decor. Read below for some practical bedroom storage ideas.

Bedroller Easy is a perfect underbed storage due to wheels and low profile connected with clip-on lid and semitranslucent material. The container filled with blankets stays near the bed and has a lid opened.

Home Box bedroom storage utilizes all your space

The principle behind successful bedroom storage is quite simple: Get as much as possible out of the space you have available. In particular, the space under the beds is an obvious place to use for bedroom storage boxes such as practical bedrollers, which can hold large amounts of shoes, clothes, blankets and toys, and which are simply pushed out of the way under the bed. Out of sight, out of mind.

The series of Home Box Bedrollers from Plast Team are available in four sizes from 25L to 75L, and over the years they have become an extremely popular solution because they make the most of the available space. Furthermore, Home Box Bedrollers are made of recyclable plastic, so they can contribute to the recycling circuit when they are to be disposed of.

Since it seems to be a law of nature that you do not find what you are looking for before opening the last box, we have made Home Box Bedrollers translucent. Then you can easily pick out the right bedroom storage box the first time you reach for specific content. Of course, our bedrollers are also equipped with wheels, so they easily slide in and out under the bed.

Stackable, translucent Probox Bedroller storage box with a low profile and wheels for easy placement under furniture. The container has a clip-closed lid and QR code to organize your storage. Bedroller stands on the floor near the chair and a big photo frame.

An even more environmentally friendly choice

You can also choose a bedroller for bedroom storage from our special ProBox Recycle series. It holds 31L and is made of recycled plastic. This is plastic that is sorted out during the manufacturing process and recycled. This does not mean that we compromise on product quality, but only that extra consideration has been given to the environment through recycling.

At Plast Team, we define regrind plastic as having been processed at least once before. During injection molding, some plastic materials are left behind and instead of wasting it, the materials are collected and sent back to the grinder. This way, it will be re-introduced when making new products. Due to the sorting and regrinding process, the color of the products is black, but they come in the same high quality.

The ProBox Recycle bedrollers feature two solid clips for safe closing of the lid and they are part of a modular, stackable system of storage boxes.

Do you have extra space elsewhere in the bedroom?

Everything does not necessarily have to be hidden away under the bed. Maybe you have too many things to store and require more space for it. And some beds have no storage space under them at all. Then it is important to make optimal use of the space in the wardrobe or elsewhere in the bedroom.

The ProBox series in recyclable plastic offers a wide range of options for practical, safe, and stackable bedroom storage. With a volume from 0.4L to 70L, you can find a ProBox bedroom storage box for every need. All boxes are modular stackable for optimal space-saving storage and the recess and furrows in the lid prevents them from shifting when stacked. The boxes are translucent, and the lid is easily clicked on with
two wide and strong grey clips.

There are no limits to practical bedroom storage

All storage boxes from Plast Team are characterized by Scandinavian design tradition with clear, clean lines and they are created based on a belief that both form and function must be taken into account if the products are to be used and enjoyed for many years.

It is a philosophy that has left its mark on all our series of storage boxes, which you can combine for bedroom storage based on your individual needs:

· Probox series
· Homebox series
· Basic Box series
· Shansui series
· The K-Box series
· Tag Store series

It is up to your personal taste, which series you choose and how you combine the many different sizes and designs for your bedroom storage. Also, pay attention to the different types of lids and fasteners, clips and handles when choosing.

Everything does not necessarily have to be in boxes…

Maybe it can become a bit too square to fit everything in boxes under the bed or in the wardrobe. Fortunately, there are plenty of other solutions like the unique Akita designed storage bucket made of post-consumer recycled plastic. Here, sustainability, design, and functionality are in perfect harmony. Available in two sizes, it offers stylish storage space for socks, knitting, magazines and more.

Need to know more about how to make the most of the space for bedroom storage? Do you want to combine storage solutions for under the bed, in the wardrobe or free-standing on the floor? Then you can take a scroll through our website – or download our main catalog, where all product series and their dimensions are listed. Here you can also read more about how we are constantly working for a more sustainable use of plastic in interior design.

Whatever you choose, it is a contribution to a simpler interior design, where furniture colors and lighting come into their own.