The art of organizing your fridge

Is the refrigerator the appliance in the modern household that is used most during a day? It probably is. The fridge door is opened and closed many times by the members of the family. Morning, noon, evening – and at all possible occasions in between. Food must be stored cool and hygienic, but space on the shelves is often limited.

Maybe it’s a good idea to give the storage of the food and leftovers in the fridge a little extra attention. When you think about how often you open the refrigerator door and reach for something you need, it’s worth considering the best way to put things in order. For example, with practical, modular storage boxes that keep everything nice and tidy.

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Keeping it simple and straightforward

It does not have to be troublesome or expensive to keep a little more order in the contents of your refrigerator. Polar Boxes are a good example of how easily you can provide more space while keeping the food fresh and hygienic. With as many as eight sizes from 0.46 to 2.5 L available, a tight lid and a transparent design, you maintain an overview of your stock at all times.

The Polar box series of containes has clear bottom that makes it easy to get an overview of what is stored inside of the box. Boxes are on the tabletop full of fruits.

The wide range of Top Boxes has the same, simple design and transparent look. Top Boxes are also available in eight different sizes and are equipped with a convenient timer function, so you can set the time for cooling and freezing your food. Polar Boxes and Top Boxes can be used for both refrigerator and freezer, and they are easy to stack for you to make the most of the space.

Directly from freezer to microwave oven

An important part of organizing the food in the fridge and freezer is, of course, about minimizing food waste. There is a strong focus on minimizing food waste because we must protect the earth’s resources and reduce the amount of organic waste. Therefore, it makes sense to pay extra attention to hygienic and airtight storage of food to make it last longer.

The Helsinki series of modular storage boxes go one step further, as you can take them directly from the fridge or freezer and put them in the microwave. If you have leftovers from dinner, you can prepare various portions in your Helsinki storage boxes, heat them in the microwave and enjoy a delicious meal in a matter of minutes. At the same time, you contribute to less food waste.

The premium quality feeling of glass

You typically use your storage boxes for a long time. Once you have found the design and sizes you need, they should be able to handle the job for years. So why not choose a series of boxes that give you that special premium feeling of glass? Glass is well suited for food storage and provides a special sensation of quality every time you take your boxes in and out of the fridge.

The Lyngby series consists of high-quality storage containers with a robust and beautifully crafted glass bottom fitted with a practical plastic lid. The lid has a tight-fitting silicone ring so that the food stays fresh. It is easy to identify the contents thanks to the clear glass, and you can use Lyngby containers to prepare food in the microwave as well as in the ordinary oven. Choose from three different sizes and enjoy the design, quality, and usability.

Lyngby is a series of very practical boxes because storing and heating food take place in the same container. Containers have food inside an stand on the tabletop.

Saving space in and out of the fridge

The smart use of storage boxes in the fridge and in the freezer reduces food waste, keeps food fresh for longer, provides an overview of the storage and, above all, saves valuable space on the shelves and in the drawers. This should preferably not mean that the boxes take up a lot of space when not in use and must be stored without contents in the kitchen cabinets.

The series of storage boxes from Plast Team can not only be stacked with content, but also nestled into each other when they are not in use and must be stored away. That way, they take up minimal space in kitchen cabinets and drawers, but are still close at hand, ready for use when you need to organize your refrigerator and get the most out of your food and your raw ingredients.

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