Antimicrobial storage – designed to protect your storage boxes

Today, it is more important than ever to secure a clean and safe home and to be protected against harmful bacteria. Consequently, this year we have introduced our anti-bacterial boxes. This means that we have added an anti-bacterial material, called Biomaster, to some of our existing storage boxes. This material provides you with clean storage boxes and fast, effective, and long-lasting product protection. This way you are secured a 24/7 protection against the growth of harmful bacteria, fungi, and moulds.

This is only possible due to our corporation with Addmaster (UK), a global leader when it comes to supplying technically innovative premium quality additives for several industries, including the plastic industry. One of Addmaster’s key technologies include this Biomaster antimicrobial technology.


At Plast Team, we decided to add Biomaster to some of our existing and most popular storage boxes, including the Home Box, ProBox, Basic Box and Hobby box series. We have also introduced the material to some of our food storage products. When using Biomaster in food packaging, we make sure to complete the required migratory testing and odor testing for the products to pass and meet the requirements.


So what exactly is Biomaster? Biomaster is an antimicrobial material based on silver-ion techno-logy and is scientifically proven to proactively prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, and molds by up to 99.99 percent. Storage boxes made with BIOMASTER reduces the growth of bacteria on surfaces 24/7 and offers a second line of protection in between cleans. Biomaster is thoroughly tested to ISO 22196 and is completely safe to use with food and beverages and has no trace of taste, smell, or coloring. The built- in antimicrobial protection stays effective for the intended lifetime of the product and can be recycled without any complications.

Addmaster how it works


  • Pro-actively prevents/disrupts the growth of bacteria on treated surfaces
  • Reduces the load of infection-causing bacteria on treated surfaces
  • Makes your product more hygienic
  • Works 24/7 to protect product surfaces
  • Completely safe to use in food and water applications
  • Contains inbuilt antimicrobial protection effective for the lifetime of the product

For more info about how Biomaster works, please watch this video from Addmaster, which perfectly explains how Biomaster protects from harmful bacteria.

Are you interested in learning more about the possibilities of selling products with Biomaster material?

We can enhance a wide range of products with Biomaster, including some products from Home Box, Basic Box, Probox, and Hobby Box series. Chosen products of the Airtight series from the Food Storage category and cutting boards can be enriched too.

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