Organizing your kitchen cupboards

The kitchen is a special space in a home. In the kitchen, we prepare the most basic things in our lives – the meals – and therefore most of us spend quite a lot of time in that room. This is where breakfast begins for the family, and where a festive evening ends for the guests. The kitchen is a workplace and a focal point for everyday life, great parties, and everything in between.

In other words, even if convenience food and takeaway are gaining ground, the kitchen must still be able to work well as a functional whole, where everything is in its proper place for you to prepare hot and cold meals easily and quickly. But how do you ensure the easiest and most space-saving storage solution when it has to be hygienic and aesthetic at the same time?

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Hamburg series belonging to the food storage category. The range includes plastic dry food containers, freezer containers and food containers for refrigerator, freezer and microwave.

Storage for food outside the fridge

When you think about it, you probably store a lot of food outside your refrigerator. It can be pasta, rice, crispbread, flour, sugar, rice, breakfast cereals, nuts, spices, and much, much more. For reasons of durability and odor, it makes good sense to store these foods under lids and in separate boxes.

The practical and hygienic solution is to choose modular storage boxes that save space and at the same time give an aesthetically good impression in your kitchen cupboards. They can also save time when you place the same things in the same places from time to time and do not have to orientate yourself after changing packaging. Fortunately, there are many to choose from for every conceivable purpose and in all sizes and designs.

Let us introduce you to some of the most popular product lines and what benefits they can provide when you want to organize the contents of your kitchen cabinets.

Storage solutions for food and more

Hamburg is the elegant series of canisters for storing dry food. The modern, minimalist design with rounded corners makes the daily kitchen work a delight to the eye, and the lid has a silicone seal that secures air and odor tight storage. Available in four popular sizes.

Mary are the classic round canisters with a tight-fitting round lid. Note that the lid has an opening that makes it easy to pour out the contents and dose, for example, breakfast products, flour, and sugar. The simple, round canisters in clear plastic with black lids are available in three sizes to cover most needs.

Oslo is a series of stylish storage boxes that can be used for not only food, but also all other types of things that need to be stored practically under a tight-fitting lid. The content is always visible in the transparent boxes and with sizes from 0.75 to 2.6 liters, it is a very versatile series of products. The black handles ensure a tight closure and give the design its own character.

Top Box is not just one or a few storage boxes, but a complete series of boxes in as many as 8 different sizes. All in a semi-transparent design and with blue lids. With a small indentation in one of the corners, the tight-fitting lids are easy to remove. Further, the lids are equipped with a timer function, so you can keep track of your food if they need to be stored in the fridge or freezer.

Think creatively and save space

Organizing the storage in the kitchen can save precious space in your kitchen cupboards. Choosing the right storage products can not only save space when your boxes are filled with dry food, accessories, kitchen utensils and more. You can also save space when they are empty by stacking them inside each other.

Product series such as Helsinki, Polar Box and Top Box are stackable when they have their lids mounted, but they can also be nested inside each other when they are empty and thus take up minimal space.

The many variants in the transparent product series Helsinki fulfill even more functions. They can be stacked in the kitchen cabinets, used for storing food in both the fridge and freezer, and can also be used for cooking food in the microwave oven. With 10 sizes and seven sets of products, Helsinki covers all your needs.

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