Simple and efficient shoe storage ideas

Great shoes aren’t necessarily easy to find. Then again, for some, they seem to appear behind every other corner. Whichever the case, good shoes deserve to be cherished once you’ve taken them home with you. But how do you end up storing them? Do you just keep piling each pair beside the hallway, perhaps frustrated by the mess getting bigger by the day? In this article we’ll share some handy shoe storage ideas that’ll solve many of the problems you might be facing.

An inspiration for a shoe storage using Basic Shoe boxes. They are available in various sizes to fit every need. Boxes are stacked under hanger with coats.

Basic Shoe Box – best of our shoe storage ideas

When it comes to storing your shoes neatly and smartly, Plast Team’s Basic Shoe Box is a series of boxes dedicated just for that very purpose. With this range, we’ve wanted to offer you concrete shoe storage ideas, that’ll make your life simpler and more manageable. The range consist of 5 different sizes to accommodate all kinds of shoes, and all of them are securely stackable when needed.

Say no to the unnecessary mess of all your shoes ending up in a confusing pile on top of each other, and to the times of not knowing where single shoes have mysteriously dissapeared. No more stuffing limited floor space with a flood of shoes swimming here and there, or tripping on your footwear while trying to pass by.

Keep your shoe collection clean, tidy and well organized with our Basic Shoe Boxes. Give a secure place for your dear shoes – the kind of a place that they deserve.

Basic Shoe Box storage boxes used to keep shoes safe and clean when in storage. A translucent material allows to see the content from all angles.

Shoe organization made effective and effortless

The storage boxes in the Basic Shoe Box range are all translucent. This is because everyday life can get busy, and we have wanted you to be able to see quickly, from all angles, which pair of shoes you have stored in each box, and to get an idea of your whole collection at a glance.

Imagine all those new, calm mornings when you’ll be able to leave your house without a rush: no more wasting enormous time deciding which pair of shoes to wear, since they’re not spread out chaotically all over. Certain models also come with a handy hatch in the front: this allows you to easily access your shoes without having to remove the lid, if there are several boxes stacked on top of each other.

To add a little bit of personalization, the Basic Shoe Boxes also have some graphic design on the lid that spells the word shoes in several different languages. Shoe storage ideas with both functionality and fun!

Basic Shoe Box storage boxes in a small variant, they are used to store men shoes.

Safe from mishaps

The Basic shoe boxes are ideal also in households with pets – especially if the furry friends in question like to chew on things or even leave their smelly markings. Placing your favorite shoes in the Basic Shoe Boxes keeps them safe and sound, with no fear of unpleasant surprises.

With a proper shoe storage system you’ll keep your footwear clean in other ways as well: when the dirty soles are not rubbing against other shoes, they all stay cleaner for longer.

Shoe storage ideas for each and every pair

Your shoes come in all different sizes and models, and your storage space solution should be ready for that. We’ve designed the Basic Shoe Box range for small shoes (Basic Shoe Box small), big shoes (Basic Shoe Box large), heeled shoes (Basic Shoe Box high heels) and boots (Basic Shoe Box boots). To see the details of all these shoe storage ideas, take a look at our comprehensive catalog.

Timeless Scandinavian design with responsible manufacturing

The main aesthetic ethos behind all Plast Team products is the air of Danish design. The neat and clean Scandinavian style has been rewarded time and time again for its minimalistic and timeless look, quality, functionality and distinctive features, and it is sought after and admired all around the world. Thus, that is what we lean upon in order to produce items that will stand the test of time and continue to bring joy to the user.

Each and every one of our products is designed in Denmark, and the production is outsourced to factories in Denmark and Poland. All the factories we use are either ISO certified or audited by external factory auditors. You can thus put your mind at ease knowing that our ways of working are always fair and transparent.

An inspiration for a shoe storage using Basic Shoe boxes. They are available in various sizes to fit every need. Boxes are stacked under hanger with coats.

Giving plastic a second life – Plast Team & sustainability

When thinking about plastic and the environment, the equation in one’s mind is often a purely negative one. We’ve all been told numerous times that plastic is second to none in its damaging qualities – that it’s detrimental to our planet and all its inhabitants, no matter how you look at it.

It may come as a surprise to many, that compared to lots of other products the production of plastic can in fact be much less damaging. When the goal is to use resources smartly, efficiently and responsibly and lower the greenhouse gas emissions as best as possible, plastic is actually often a contributing factor and an important part of several ecofriendly innovations.

As the properties of the plastic as a material are easily recyclable, plastic can actually help with reducing high rates of pollution, concerving resources and getting rid of waste – in other words, it’s playing an important part in solving resource challenges in the future.

For instance, manufacturing products in pure plastic makes it possible to reuse them later, and that is why Plast Team continues to have these types of products in the range – our shoe storage solutions included.

We take it as our duty and responsibility to promote recycling and reduction of waste and thus help the society go towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Our design range already includes items that strongly promote these goals, such as products made from regrind plastics and post-consumer recycling material.

Read more on how we contribute to the environmental responsibility here