How to organize your wardrobe storage – the smart and modern way

A well-organized wardrobe equals a clean and clear mind. Yet often it is a space where things tend to get a little messy and perhaps difficult to find. You might have heaps of clothes and accessories, and somehow it always takes too long to find your favorite pair of jeans or that cool tie that goes nicely with everything. But worry not, because we’re about to share some wardrobe storage ideas that’ll make your life easier.

In this article we’ll give you some inspiration on how to organize your wardrobe, and introduce you to some of Plast Team’s handy wardrobe storage boxes that come in various different sizes and colours. It’s an extensive range of carefully thought-out, functional and innovative products that’ll simply make your everyday life more enjoyable and free of unnecessary hassle.

Entire Probox series, that provides storage boxes in a different shapes and sizes fits every space in a wardrobe storage. Boxes stands on the ground partially stacked. They has some household items inside.

ProBox – our premium organizing system

When it comes to functionality, high quality and classically clean Scandinavian design, Plast Team’s premium organizing system is undoubtedly ProBox. With volumes ranging between 0,4 and 70 L, in 16 different sizes, you’ll easily find a wardrobe storage box that fits exactly your needs.

For you to be able to optimally use the space in your wardrobe and save space wherever possible, we’ve made the boxes seamlessly stackable. And to prevent them from sifting when stacked, the lid is designed with furrows. The translucence lets you easily see what’s inside and the lids stay securely fastened with two wide and strong clips.

Through their QR-tags, the ProBox storage boxes are also compatible with our handy BoxPointer App. The app lets you keep track of everything that your boxes contain by adding and naming each one and specifying what they contain. This way you don’t have to look into every storage box when you’re looking for something – instead you can just check the details quickly from your phone.

Two stackable 31L Proboxes are used to organize a wardrobe storage. QR codes delivered with Proboxes are scanned with a BoxPointer app, which makes organizing even easier.

A proud addition to the ProBox collection is our sustainable ProBox Recycle collection, developed with the same keen eye on quality, functionality and clear Danish design as the ProBox range.

ProBox Recycle consists of 7 high-quality storage boxes made from recycled plastic material. Due to the process of sorting and regrinding the plastic, the colour of these boxes is always black.

All of the boxes are stackable, come in several different sizes and have a strong closing mechanism. They go easily in your wardrobe, no matter the size of your space. Furthermore, the ProBox Recycle range is compatible with our BoxPointer app.

Four translucent Home Boxes in various sizes are used as a wardrobe storage to store clothes and household items. Boxes have a firm closing clips in a black color. Boxes are piled in a room's corner.

Home box

Another wonderful option for your wardrobe storage space is Plast Team’s translucent Home Box series. They come in 14 different sizes ranging from 1,6 to 86 L, all in which the lid is grooved in order to keep the boxes securely stacked when needed. Thanks to the firm clips, the lid stays reliably closed.

Wardrobe Storage Basic Box

Basic box

The Basic box range offers the largest of all our current wardrobe storage box options with the sizes going all the way from 1,7 to 134 L! The big space is perfect for items such as bedsheets, towels or blankets. The clear surface lets you easily view what’s inside and the stackability lets you save a lot of space.

As all of our wardrobe storage boxes, both the Home box and the Basic box collection are designed with the principles of modern Danish design in mind.

K-Box – a touch of sky blue

The translucent K-Box series is all about offering strong and solid wardrobe storage boxes. Their own fresh feature is the light blue clip-on lid. Stack these boxes easily and with trust: the grooves in the bottom and top parts make sure that the boxes fit and stay securely together.

Tag Store – effortless labelling

If you’re looking for boxes for your wardrobe storage that aren’t entirely see-through but still give you an idea of what’s inside of them, Plast Team’s Tag Store range is a great choice with their semi-translucent surface.

With the white tags that come with each box, you can easily mark what the boxes contain – and change the info later if needed, since the tag’s surface is rewritable.

Seoul baskets – compact storage solutions

When you need smaller storage baskets eg. for socks, ties, belts or underwear, turn to our Seoul range. With the same contemporary and high-quality Scandinavian style, they are a perfect addition to your wardrobe storage. The Seoul boxes get their modern and semi see-through look from their diamond-shaped holes.

Colors range from the 4 standard ones to 2 new colours that we’ve recently introduced – which are made from post consumer recycled plastic!

Once again, you’ll have lots of options when it comes to choosing the size: there are altogether 10 – from 1,5 to 70 L.

Four translucent Home Boxes in various sizes are used as a wardrobe storage to store clothes and blankets. Boxes have a firm closing clips in a black color. Boxes stands near the clothes rack.

Wardrobe storage with a clean and neat look

Organizing your wardrobe storage doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. Plast Team offers you smart and easy wardrobe storage ideas to organize your wardrobe in ways that leave you more time and space – both in your wardrobe and in your mind.

Every Plast Team storage box series comes in multiple different sizes, so you can store all kinds of items in them and fit each storage box in a certain size of a space. All our wardrobe storage boxes are also easy and safe to stack on top of each other.

See-through storage solutions help you easily see what the box contains. Some of our storage box ranges also come in several beautiful colours to choose from.

You also have the option of choosing our black coloured boxes that are made sustainably from regrind plastic material. Here you can read more about our values and thoughts regarding sustainability in our business. Since we’re all about plastic, there are some points that might even surprise you.

The design of our products is consistently simple, contemporary and of high quality – true to its Nordic origins. So whichever of our storage solutions you end up selecting, you can trust that your choice is always good.