Living room storage in harmony with your decor

The living room is the heart of the home. This is where you feel the pulse of family life. And this is where you spend many evenings in the company of yourself or with family and friends after dinner. Therefore, you not only have various furniture, but also a lot of different stuff and objects in the living room that frequently need to be stored away. Like rugs, slippers, puzzles, books, photo albums, toys … What do you do if you don’t want more furniture in the living room? You choose living room storage solutions that hold a lot but take up a minimum of space. Preferably living room storage that matches the room’s design, colors, and decor – and can be stowed away when not in use.

Take a look on our storage solutions

Home Box Bedroller Split 49L with a split lid which allow you to open the box without taking of the entire lid. Box has a low profile and wheels to fit under furnitures.

Boxes for all types of storage in the living room

Do some of the family members have a hobby they would like to pursue in the living room? Sewing, model hobbies, puzzles, board games? Or do the children have a lot of toys that can sometimes fill most of the floor? Then our boxes are the obvious choice.

Hobby Boxes are robust storage solutions for the living room, and they are easy to use for children who can collect their toys in no time. Furthermore, the boxes can be stacked even without lids due to their great strength. Uno Boxes and Euro Boxes with lids are available in many sizes, and you can also choose boxes that can be folded completely when not in use.

For little items that need to be managed, you can choose Probox Special for your living room storage. These are boxes where you can use different inserts to tailor them to, for example, small hobby things for sewing, model hobbies or the like. Then you don’t risk the little things getting lost, and everything is at hand when the hobby needs to be resumed.

Akita storage bucket 53L can be used for storage or as a coffee table. A bucket is in a living room near the armchair and table.

Multi-functional, sustainable storage buckets

Does consideration for the environment weight as heavily for you as consideration for functionality, design, and the living room interior? Then you can accommodate all at once with the Akita series of storage buckets produced in post-consumer recycled materials. Sustainability, functionality and design come together in a successful whole. Ideal if you are looking for harmonious living room storage.

The Danish design language is evident in the grooved buckets, which are available in 2 sizes and in 3 different colors. Here, towels, blankets, magazines, knitting and much more find a permanent place in the living room. The lid hides the contents but can also be removed and used as a tray for tea, coffee, drinks, and snacks. Akita is not only a plus for the interior design, but also fulfills several functions at once.

Baskets that improve your living room storage

The mini baskets are available in many different sizes and have become something of a classic as a storage solution in the living room or in your home office. Here all the little things come into place, and the baskets can be placed on the table, fit into shelves, and be used as inserts in drawers.

Seoul organizers and baskets give the theme a twist with diamond-shaped holes and a nice, matte surface finish. Thanks to a wide range of sizes and colors, they can be combined indefinitely, and when not in use, they can be stacked and therefore take up a minimum of valuable space.

Seoul Organizers in different colors and sizes are used to organize desk. Baskets are placed on side of the desk.
Classic Mini baskets in many various sizes are the perfect living room storage solution. Containers in different sizes are placed inside a cupboard.
Extra-large Seoul storage baskets in grey color are placed in the bookcase in a living room.

Living room storage fit for home office use

Many of us have had to work much more from home over the past year. This is likely to be a trend that will continue in the coming years. And if you have to use the living room as a home office during the day, it places extra demands on the storage solutions. With functional living room storage, you can quickly establish a temporary home office.

Seoul organizers and baskets are modern storage products in a stylish, clean, Scandinavian design. With a few of them grouped together, you have all the little things for the home office in place – writing utensils, a mouse for your PC, clips, tape, etc.

Probox is a premium system of organizers, available from 0.4 to 70 L. If you need paper, printer, and other, more bulky things for your temporary home office, you can easily store it all in a Probox. It is a modular system where everything can be stacked, and you can easily click on the lids with two wide and strong clips.

Stackable, translucent Probox Bedroller storage box with a low profile and wheels for easy placement under furniture. The container has a clip-closed lid and QR code to organize your storage. Bedroller stands on the floor near the chair and a big photo frame.

Any hidden spaces you can use for storage?

It is often possible to find hidden areas in the living room that can be used for intelligent storage solutions. A good example is the area under the sofa where there may be room for a bed roller. A bed roller does not only have to come into play in the bedroom. If there is room for it under the sofa, it can be used for toys, blankets, games, and many other things that can otherwise take up space in the living room.

Check our range of bedrollers

Both the Probox and Home Box series are available in so many sizes and shapes that they can find space in cupboards, under tables, on shelves and in all sorts of other places where there is a little bit of space left over. At Plast Team, it is our philosophy that your living room storage should be adapted to your home and the space you have available, not the other way around.

Now it’s up to you how you will use the living room storage creatively and functionally to make better use of the space, give your interior design new inspiration and make it easy for all family members to help keep order. Enjoy.